Working With Fabric, Metal and More

Getting to work with different materials is one of the most exciting aspects of crafting and undoubtedly produces the most rewarding results.

Fabric is our number one focus, as we explore disciplines like quilting, embroidery, macramé and crochet.

But it doesn't stop there: more unusual activities like book binding, jewelry making and quilling also come under the microscope.

Working With Fabric

working with fabric

Fabric is one of the most diverse materials to work with -- there are literally endless opportunities to craft with it!

Whether you're interested in making your own clothes, creating art or simply finding new ways to recycle old or used material, we've got plenty of ideas here.

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Working With Heat Presses

best heat press

Heat press machines are some of the most exciting technologies on the market when it comes to crafting.

Their purpose? To print your designs onto fabrics. That's right: with the best heat press, you'll be able to design your own T-shirts, cushion covers, baby gros and much more.

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