Time To Get Crafty In The Kitchen

If you thought crafting was limited to just the craft room, think again! Some of our best and most exciting creations are borne in the kitchen.

Cake decorating is a huge and varied discipline that can takes years to truly master. Thankfully, we've compiled a host of guides on how to get started with mirror glazing, cake pops, sugar flowers and more.

Going beyond just cakes, look out for some other culinary crafts like milkshakes, macarons and pizza dough.

opera cake recipe

How to Make Opera Cake


The opera cake is one of the most delicious and most controversial cakes to have ever been created. The true origins of this cake are still hotly debated even to…

Cake Decorating Tips and Tricks

cake decorating techniques

There are no real 'tricks' to expert cake decorating -- instead you need good tools, a steady hand, a flair for creativity and plenty of practice -- but we've got a whole host of tutorials that will start you off in the right direction.

Most beginners like to start with the tasty side of things: making frostingWe've also taken it up a notch with guides on making black icing and even tricky mirror glazes.

Time to put on your apron...