Stanley Model 1 3D Printer Review

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Stanley Model 1 3D Printer Rated
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Craft Schmaft Verdict

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is an exceptional machine especially perfect for those looking to get into the craft of 3D printing.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, and easy to set-up with a few hiccups to adjust to.

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If you are looking for an introduction to 3D printing, it can be difficult to know what kind of printer to start with.

There are hundreds of 3D printers available – some that can be built from scratch, some that are plug-and-plays, and many that are somewhere in between.

When you are looking for a basic how-to 3D machine, though, the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is an excellent place to start.

stanley 3d printer review

This printer is designed to be accessible to a general audience of users, meaning that it does not require a complex set-up, nor does the printing process need you to have years of experience in the 3D printing world.

While you will still have to model personalized projects yourself, the Stanley Model 1 will take any design you upload into its system and develop a print with little finagling required.

This machine takes on the detail-oriented elements of printing itself, ensuring you a relaxing – even fun – 3D creation experience.

Stanley Model 1 3D Printer: The Details

This workhorse of a 3D printer is a lot to take in, so let’s start with some of the basics:


  • Weight: 42.2lb.
  • Dimensions: 17in x 16.5in.
  • Print Dimensions:9in x 7.9in x 7.3in.
  • Filament Types: PLA, ABS, Sindoh.
  • Ready to Print?: Requires some building.
  • System Compatibility: PC, Mac, Ubuntu Linux.
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty.

How Does it Work?

The process of 3D printing takes time, patience, and cleverness.

The good news is that entire communities exist that have dedicated themselves to the process and improvement of 3D printing, so videos, blogs, and online catalogues of designs exist in order to make your 3D printing experience all the easier.

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is meant for a broad audience ranging in experience from beginners to hardened pros.

The filaments used by this device will allow you to make practical and aesthetically pleasing works, be those parts for a project or small pieces of art.

When creating a model to be printed, you use a variety of programs including Tinkercad, SketchUp, or Blender – the last of which is better for more experienced or ambitious printers.

stanley model 1 review

Alternatively, if you don’t want to design a print, you can browse the catalog of pre-existing models shared online at

The process of printing requires you to digitally slice your model, then transfer it to your machine.

Ensure that your printer is stocked with filament – spools of plastic or other 3D printer friendly materials, then let the printer’s nozzle heat up and go to work.


  • Heated printer bed
  • Carbon filter
  • Auto-loading cartridge system
  • Five-inch touch panel
  • Scraping tool
  • Lock clips


There are a number of features that lend themselves to making the Stanley Model 1 all the more approachable, including the following:

Auto-Loading Filament System

Stringing filament when preparing a print and ensuring that said filament doesn’t jam during the process requires keen attention to detail.

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer sidesteps this time-consuming process with its auto-loading filament system.

The company, having produced their own 3D printing cartridge, enables makers using its printer to easily slip the cartridge into the auto-loading filament system.

The printer will then handle the filament without the need for user assistance.

best 3d printer

Web Monitoring

In order to ensure that the printing experience goes as smoothly as possible, the Stanley Model 1 allows web monitoring for your project during its creation.

This way, you will be able to keep track of the process from your phone or personal computer.

This long-distance supervision ensures that you, as the user, can prevent any mishaps in the printing process while performing other tasks instead of solely observing the task at hand.

The web monitoring features even include a ‘cancel print’ button, allowing you to prevent any loss of time if a project starts to turn sour.

Closed Structure

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is accessible from one side and has a door that keeps its printing bed contained.

This closed structure improves the printer’s temperature control, keeping filament at the most appropriate and consistent temperature over the course of a print.

This closed structure also ensures user-safety while a project’s in motion, so you won’t have to worry about nosy children or pets during the process.

Assisted Bed Leveling

Leveling a 3D printer’s bed is essential in order for a design to be finished properly; mess with a variable, and your print could be rendered unusable.

The Stanley Model 1 takes these many variables into consideration and handles the leveling of the bed for you with its assisted leveling feature.

Thanks to the easy-to-read touch screen, you will be able to understand what elements of the printing bed are changing and how best to alter them in order to ensure the cleanest print in the future.

5″ Touch Panel 

Not only does the touchscreen give you a clear, intuitive and easy way to control your printer, but its also where the printer will display its process and progress.

It’s easy to keep track of your projects this way as everything will be laid out, right on the screen. Its inuitivity only adds to the ease of use that comes with this 3D printer.

stanley model 1 review

Stanley Model 1 3D Printer Review

The Stanley Model 1’s accessibility is evident in all of the aforementioned specs.

Is it, however, the right 3D printer for you? Let’s take a look.

The Positives

Easy Set-Up

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is essentially a plug-and-play 3D printer.

While minor set-up is required, you will be able to have this printer out of the box and on a job in little to no time at all.

This easy set-up makes the machine blessedly accessible to first-time users.

Best for Everyone

The Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is one of the best 3D printers for a general audience. As is displayed in its features, the printer is designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and simple to use.

You can complete a number of basic or more complex prints with this device and come away satisfied, making this machine ideal not only for individual use but for use among a community.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, there’s little to no learning curve for this machine, making it perfect for learning on or adapting to.

As you get more and more practice with your printer, it will be easy to make small upgrades or changes to your Stanley Model 1 as well, allowing this to be a printer you can easily grow with.

Insured with a Warranty

Included with the purchase of the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is a 1-year limited warranty.

While having a warranty is relieving for most, it’s especially great for those just starting out, as a lemon of a machine can be severely deterring for those looking to get accustomed to the craft.

This warranty covers any manufacturing damages, or errors in craftsmanship and promises to repair or replace these parts at no additional cost to you.

Keep in mind this doesn’t cover any damages from normal wear and tear or negligence so be sure to handle your printer with care throughout the duration of your warranty.

Their customer service is known for being readily available either by phone or email to help assist you.

best 3d printer

Easily Connected

Some 3D printers can be really limiting in terms of what it connects to. Some only support certain computer operating systems, while others only allow one way of connecting.

Fortunately, that is far from the case with the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer. This printer includes a wide variety of connectivity options making it easy for a variety of users to adapt to.

Choose to connect to the printer via USB cable or Ethernet cord, or go wireless with WiFi or a USB Flash Drive.

They’ve also included software for both Mac and Windows on their website.

The Negatives

Sticky Printer Bed

No printer can be perfect, of course, and the Stanley Model 1 does have a few quirks. This includes the printer’s unfortunately sticky printer bed.

The bed may hold on to your prints a little too well, making them difficult to remove as a whole, and potentially damaging both the print and the bed should you pull too hard in an attempt to remove the project.

This stickiness is not a prominent hassle, but its presence has been reported among our testers before. Take care, then, to prep the bed before your print and to remove your project with great care.

Should you find yourself unable to remove the print due to stickiness, let the printer cool and use the provided scrapping knife to set your project free.

Over the Printer Walls

The closed structure of the Stanley Model 1 lends itself to this difficulty.

While the enclosure does help with the management of print temperature and user safety, closing in a print so thoroughly not only makes removal difficult, but it makes accessing the print at all a hassle.

In this, the Stanley Model 1’s web monitoring comes in handy, but even the monitoring could miss a flaw in your print structure that a more open printer would allow you to catch.

Overall Verdict

Regardless of its few quirks, the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer is the best 3D printer for beginning crafters.

This printer prides itself on its accessibility and displays it in all of its features.

If you are looking for an introduction to the world of 3D printing, give the Stanley Model 1 a spin and see what kind of projects you can make.

Where to Buy the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer

Stanley is a brand under the well-known sister company, Black and Decker known for providing hardware tools and home renovation supplies.

While you’re able to see Black and Decker products sprinkled throughout your usual department store and home renovation retailers, Stanley’s 3D printer is still a new addition to this staple brand.

Since printers is a lesser known product of Stanley, and 3D printing is still climbing it’s way into personal use, it can prove a little tricky to find the Model 1 3D Printer at your usual department or specialty shops in-store and online.

To start your search, check out the Stanley website for local retailers.

But of course, you can also find the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer on Amazon.

Stanley Model 1 review

That’s it for our Stanley Model 1 review. Curious to give it a try?


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