Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer Review

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Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer Rated
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  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

It’s hard to go wrong with the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D printer.

It’s not only is it easy to use with access to Alexa and its intuitive touchscreen, but this printer packs quality, safety, and convenience all in one sleek design.

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Sindoh is one of the better-known names in the world of 3D printers; they aim to make easy-to-operate machines that are exceptionally pleasing to both beginners and more expert users.

Their Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer boasts of connectivity to Alexa, a specially improved metal bed, and an inside camera to help along your 3D printing efforts. Buyer beware: once you’ve been spoiled like this, it’s hard to go back.

sindoh 3d printer review

While most of the features are improvements on earlier models, there are still a few minor issues to consider. DIY enthusiasts will find there is little to augment on this printer. While you can use more popular filament brands with this 3D printer, it’s quite obvious that Sindoh prefers if users stick with their own house brand.

Is that enough to deflate our enthusiasm for this machine? Let’s find out.

We’ve gathered all the details, good and bad, so you can get a better look at the Sindoh printer. Is it the right buy for you?

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer: the Details


  • Weight: 70.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19 X 18 X 22.5 inches.
  • Print Dimensions: 9 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches.
  • Filament Types: PLA, ABS, Flexible, and PVA (PVA nozzle required).
  • Ready to Print?: Minor set-up required.
  • Compatibility: Mac and Windows through any of the following: USB Flash Drive, USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.
  • Warranty: The printer itself has up to a one-year warranty from the product purchase date. The parts have 90 days.

How Does it Work

Getting started couldn’t be easier since the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer comes all but entirely ready to use straight from the box.

It’s large, black, sleek, and square-shape provides you with an aesthetically well-off new tool for your craft room.

Like any 3D printer that’s available for commercial use, the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer can only come to life after you’ve chosen your preferred filament. You’ll be surprised at how easy loading and removing your filament cartridges is, as it’s highly intuitive for beginners.

Choosing your design is quick and easy with the touchscreen controls. Should you want a more techy experience, the voice controls with Alexa take the whole endeavor to a new level, allowing you to effortlessly speak your commands and have them executed even from across the room.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review

If all of this wasn’t a treat on its own, any curious George’s out there are sure to be pleased with the camera that lets you keep an eye on the progress of your projects.

But let’s go into more detail on that…


The Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer is a good model for both beginning and advanced users, but it doesn’t offer many extras.

You’ll find a couple of filament cartridges in the box to get you started, but not much else.


Independent Dual Nozzle

It makes sense for every new generation of 3D printers to strive to improve on the previous ones, and that’s what the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X has arrived to do.

The independent dual nozzles can work with different types of filament thanks to their completely divided heating systems.

In practice, this allows you to try more complex projects, layering filaments to create altered textures or patterns. With greater control over each part of your creation, the result is more complexity and a finer project overall.

Of course, you can also use the dual extruder to make your project go twice as fast. With two nozzles on the job, your more simplistic projects can take a fraction of the time to produce just as quality results.

Improved Metal Bed

The metal bed on which your creations are printed can be either a blessing or a curse. Should they not properly heat, should they be unbalanced, or should they be unwilling to give up your creation afterward, the result is a mess and a headache.

Lopsided prints, prints that fall over in the middle of the process, or ones that rip apart as you remove them are unacceptable.

Luckily, this 3D printer has improved upon previous models, which didn’t heat and couldn’t bend. Now, their enhanced metal bed does both!

This version provides the same high-quality material and balance as the previous, but now the base heating allows prints to better adhere to the surface.

Once that print is finished, the bendable nature of the bed then allows you to carefully ease your creation from this surface – without sticking or cracking.

Touch Screen

The touchscreen is easily accessible and simple to operate, allowing you to choose your settings and check on progress, all without a clunky array of buttons.

Alexa Voice Control

A 3D printer is already an impressive tool of the future – and now it’s even more high-tech. Sindoh has made it possible to connect your 3D printer with Alexa, so you can leverage voice controls to command your printer from a distance.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review

Need to halt the print for a moment? Need to check how much time is left? Want to select particular settings on your printer? This can all be done at a distance without having to lift a finger.

While you finish designing that new print on your laptop, Alexa can do the rest.

Inside Camera

If you want to check on the progress of your creation, need to ensure a certain detail is being handled properly, or have to catch an error before it’s too late, then the inside camera equipped on the Sindoh will be there to help.

No more having to crane your head around to catch a peek and no more having the print finished before you locate an error.

While the inner camera isn’t the highest quality available, it’s still one of the most convenient ways of checking up on your project.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer Review

The Positives


Sindoh has made a special effort to ensure this 3D printer is even quieter than its predecessors. This is more impressive once you consider Sindoh is already known for quiet printers.

You can easily set this machine up in your hobby shop, leave the room, and not hear a thing. Should you be working next to it, the gentle hum is hardly noticeable.

If you have sensitive ears, or rather work to the sound of music than your machine, then the Sindoh won’t be the machine to annoy you.

Healthy, Safe Printing

It may sound strange, but healthy printing is indeed a possibility. Thanks to the overall design of the machine, and its plug-and-play set-up, you’ll find there’s less dust spread while printing and the odor of plastic is not as noticeable as with other printers.

Those who are sensitive to smell or who are prone to allergies won’t find this printer to be a danger to their health so they can craft for a long while without worry.

The Sindoh 3DWOX 2X is designed to be fully enclosed, increasing the safety on this printer. An enclosed 3D printer ensures that a lot of the heat is contained and that curious fingers won’t be hurt in the process. This is especially important if you have kids with access to the crafting area.

Easy and Intuitive to Use

While most users found the set-up to be a lot less of a hassle than other printers, the touchscreen included on this Sindoh makes it all the easier to use.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review

The touchscreen interface is offered in full color so you get a bright, easy-to-read display that keeps your projects on track.

This screen will also provide helpful information about your printer including filament levels – you’ll have fewer surprises with this Sindoh.

To make things even more convenient, this 3D printer uses Alexa to allow you to give commands without lifting a finger.

If you’re just starting out, or looking to really hone your 3D printing skills, this versatile Sindoh will be sure to help you spread your creative wings with ease.

The Negatives

Plays Best With the House Brand

While you can use different brands of filament with this printer, the overall set-up is clearly intended to favor the house brand.

It’s not unexpected, but it does limit your options. Equipping other filaments may provide mixed results, and your budget could suffer when forced to buy only the Sindoh brand.

Not Customizable

For the techier folks among us, this printer isn’t very customizable and will not allow tampering with its components or software.

If you’re hoping to excel with the features it does provide, then you’re in good hands, but if you look forward to adjusting it to your particular tastes, it’s wise to look elsewhere.

Shipping Woes

Some users who ordered their Sindoh online found that it took them longer than it should have to get this 3D printer up and running all thanks to some bumping around during shipping.

When the printer arrived, some users found that they had to push the included SD card back into the machine that came loose during transport. Without this step, the printer may not work as promised.

While this is an easy fix, it isn’t that obvious and can be alarming especially when you get a new item.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review

Overall Verdict

After reviewing all the pros, cons, and features of this 3D printer, we do recommend the Sindoh SDWOX 2X 3D Printer to both beginning and advanced users.

The overall design makes it easy to use, easy on the eye, and an overall joy to have in the hobby room.

It may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a 3D printer that’s entirely customizable, so be aware of this before committing.

If all you need is a printer that can perform reliably and safely, then the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X will serve you well.

Where to Buy the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer

Sindoh printers are super popular, being one of the brands on top of the market of the 3D printing world.

As this company continues to grow, their products only get more innovative and fine-tuned to reflect the new and changing industry. The Sindoh 3DWOX 2X 3D Printer is just one example of their improvement and progress.

Thanks to this brand’s popularity, a variety of retailers around the world take pride in having Sindoh products on their shelves. You’ll be able to find the Sindoh 3DWOX 2X both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check tech, crafting, and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you’ll also be able to find this 3D printer on Amazon.

Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review

That’s the end of our Sindoh 3DWOX 2X review. Curious to give it a go?


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