Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer Review: Best For Beginners

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Qidi Tech X-One Rated
  • Print Quality
  • User Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

We think that the Qidi Technology X-One is the best 3D printer for beginners right now.

It’s cheap, easy to use and ready to go practically straight out the box. Sure, it’s a little basic compared to more expensive models, but it’s hard to go wrong at this price point. A great entry level 3D printer.

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The Qidi Technology X-One 3D printer is one of the most popular 3D printers for home use, and definitely one of our favorites too.

qidi technology 3d printer x-one

It’s one of the printers on the market that shows 3D printing isn’t just reserved for big companies anymore, but that everyone who would like to can enjoy this type of machine.

In this spirit, it’s user-friendly and suitable for beginners, while still producing prints that are high quality, satisfying people with more experience as well.

Thanks to being a cheap 3D printer, beginners have an easier time to get started. For those who already have a printer and are looking to expand their possibilities, the Qidi Technology X-One 3D printer makes for an inexpensive, high-quality addition.

But that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws. Let’s dive into the good and the bad so you can make the most informed purchasing decision. Is it right for you?

Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer: The Details


  • Weight: 41.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 380 x 320 x 360 mm
  • Print Dimensions: 140 L X 140 W X 140 H mm
  • Filament Types: PLA and ABS filament
  • Ready to Print?: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC and Mac
  • Software: Comes with free Qidi slicing software
  • Warranty: 6 month warranty

How Does it Work?

If you want to get up to speed with 3D printing in general, check out our complete beginner’s guide here.

The Qidi Technology X-One uses FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling, which makes the filament you’re using easier to shape.

The process begins with the analysis of the STL-file you have selected, which orients your chosen model into the optimal position for its construction.

Then small, molten strings of the filament are expelled through the nozzle, which harden immediately when coming into contact with the air. By layering these methodically, the machine prints your chosen design.

FDM has a few limitations, though none of these should be a hindrance considering the Qidi Technology X-One is a smaller 3D-printer.

Unsupported stalactites, for example, are still impossible with this technology. Luckily we can assure you there’s plenty to print for crafters without needing that specific feature.

The technology is further enhanced by the amount of filament available for use, though it is recommended you thoroughly research how these are best used. Taking a quick peek at online community forums can save you some trouble later down the road, and experience is quickly gained.

The size isn’t maxed out, so you might need to cut large prints in half to print them out for maximum quality.

3D printers can print out their own upgrades, which is really convenient when you feel like personalizing your printer. Several fun first projects include printing personalized drinks coasters, shopping bag handles, or piggy banks.

For those who are loving the sci-fi feeling of a 3D printer, there are always miniature Yoda figurine models available to print too!


The Qidi Technology X-One aims to be the best 3D printer for beginners around, and the added accessories reflect this.

In the box with your printer you’ll find:

  • A roll of PLA filament (color randomized)
  • Tool box with spare parts
  • SD card with manual, videos and test files
  • SD card reader
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Scraper
  • Filament guide tube

With these materials, everybody should be able to get started within an hour after the machine has been delivered.

If you run into a snag, Qidi’s customer service is very helpful, so don’t feel shy about giving them a call.

Qidi X-One 3D Printer Features

3.5″ Touchscreen

Qidi prides itself on the touch screen on their X-One 3D printer, a nifty piece of technology that makes the machine a joy to work with. Considering the price, it just makes the machine that more of a steal.

It’s 3.5 inches and in full color. The touch sensitivity is high and the various icons are clear and to the point. While you’re printing, the screen gives detailed information as to how long the project is estimated to take, and gives you the option to pause your work at any moment.

Full Metal Frame and Support

The metal frame of the printer is sturdy, making the machine less likely to move during printing.

Considering the material you’re working with, less moving around means a smoother finish.

The even blue color may not give everyone a wow-feeling when they gaze upon it, but it still feels professional enough to be proud of this printer in your work space.

Metal support provides more stability than plastic would. An added benefit is that the support can be heated, making it more suitable for use with the PLA and ABS filaments recommended for this machine.

Free Qidi Slicing Software

Before your design can be 3D printed, it must first be sliced — i.e. divided into hundreds and thousands of tiny, 2D horizontal layers, and construction instructions sent to the printer.

This 3D printer comes with Qidi slicing software for free, together with a detailed manual. Taking the time to read it through is advised for beginners, and can only help in getting the desired results.

Print Dimensions

The Qidi X-One printer might be a smaller version of their larger machines, but they have not skimped on their print dimensions.

140 mm in every dimension means you can print a wide variety of things, and the layer resolution ranges from a 100 to 500 microns. This gives the added benefit of being able to print very detailed.


Both PLA and ABS filament are recommended for use with this printer, giving you quite a bit of leeway in your preferred materials.

The technology can handle other materials, but it is highly recommended you do your research beforehand.

PLA and ABS are available in many colors and are the preferred material for 3D printers in general, and should give you plenty of options to keep you entertained for a long time.

The Extruder

The extruder is well protected and has undergone some improvements in comparison to its predecessors. Most notable among these are the fan and the increased precision, things which any user will appreciate.

Print Speed

The print speed in general is moderate to fast, though much of this depends on the complexity and size of your printout. As mentioned earlier, the touch screen will keep you updated of the estimated duration of your project.

Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer Review

The Positives

Perfect for Beginners

The X-One 3D Printer has been designed with accessibility in mind: it’s cheap, easy to use and arrives fully assembled and ready calibrated.

Beginners and those more experienced with 3D printing will be able to get started with it straight out of the box.

Here’s a good video on the unboxing set-up:

The instructions are plentiful and easy to read, while the machine itself is very intuitive. Plus the free included slicing software has a very minimal learning curve.

We’re not sure that there’s another 3D printer out there that’s better suited to beginners.


One of the most attractive things about this Qidi 3D printer is its incredible price — it’s comparably very cheap to others on the market and is a great entry-level purchase into the 3D printing world.

High Quality

Despite its low price, you’re not getting a low quality product.

This printer is stable, smooth and well made — plus it’s ready to go straight out the box (or, at least, within an hour).

Small Footprint

The minimal dimensions of the Qidi X-One means that it’s compact enough to sit on a corner in your desk — or stored away in a cupboard somewhere.

This is great news for those of us with limited work space!

Excellent Customer Service

Although we haven’t yet had to use their services, the word on the street is that the Qidi customer support team are very friendly and helpful if you do run into any problems with their product.

The Qidi Tech One to One service is fast, efficient and exclusive.

Plus, there’s a 6 month warranty on this cheap 3D printer, which sees them responsible for free repairs and spare parts replacement.

The Negatives

No Wi-Fi

Let’s be real: at this price point, you can’t expect too much sophistication from the Qidi Technology 3D Printer X-One.

One way it shows it’s a little basic is in its upload technology.

Although you can upload new files quite easily with the USB and SD card, it would just have felt even more futuristic if the printer could have connected to your PC through Wi-Fi.

It’s a suggestion that should be taken into consideration for future models, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


The sound isn’t going to drive you crazy, but it’s not exactly quiet either.

Considering the technology is still being refined for the consumer market, it’s something we can live with. And the quality of any finished pieces compensates for the noise well enough.

Just maybe refrain from using it very late at night…


Weighing in at more than 40 pounds, it’s unlikely you’ll be taking this printer over to a friend without a good reason.

Then again, its sturdy construction does ensure that printing is smooth with a consistent finish, so we can’t complain too much!

Overall Verdict

Considering the pros and cons, calling the Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer the best cheap 3D printer as well as the best 3D printer for beginners is more than justified, in our opinion!

It might not have all the features of its more expensive brethren, but its small footprint, ease of use and price more than make up for this. The touch screen is fun and functional, and getting it up and running is a breeze.

We recommend this 3D printer to people who are looking to try their first hand at 3D printing and who want to be able to dive right in. Those who already have a larger printer, but who would like a second, smaller model to complement their first one, should certainly give this model some serious thought too.

Thrifty consumers who want to get a good value for price ratio can hardly go wrong with the Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer.

Where to Buy the Qidi Tech X-One 3D Printer

This is one of the more popular 3D printers given its price, but it can still be a little tough to find the Qidi X-One in stores.

Here’s a few places you can have a look in for starters:

And, of course, it’s available on Amazon.

best cheap 3d printer

Have you tried the Qidi Tech X-One 3D Printer yet?


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