New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer Review

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New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer
  • Print Quality
  • User Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

The New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer is a quality choice for the hobbyist or beginner crafter.

Its features make it simple to use and to get accustomed to, and the price means you won’t need to devour your savings to have your very own 3D printer.

Those looking to do more advanced designs will easily outgrow this printer, but it’s definitely a great (and stylish) start.

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New Matter first made waves a few years ago as a small start-up company that loudly protested the high prices and overall unfriendly design of 3D printers.

While several printers back then were touted as an at-home printing solution, they often were too large, too expensive, and too loud.

new matter 3d printer review

The New Matter MOD-t desktop is a 3D printer that can easily fit into your own office or can be discreetly placed in a classroom.

Appearing as little more than a glass box, the MOD-t desktop printer offers nearly 360 degrees of visibility, is counted as one of the quieter printers, and has a pause feature that gives more creative control.

With a low entry price and several good points going for it, this printer is sure to rank among the best for the beginning hobbyist.

But exactly what features make it stand out, and what are some of the pitfalls you need to look out for? We gathered the details and put them in print for you.

New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer: The Details


  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17 x 20 x 19 inches
  • Print Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 125 mm
  • Filament Types: PLA filament
  • Ready to Print?: After a short set-up of 20 minutes, you’ll be ready to go
  • Compatibility: Wi-Fi, Mac and Windows
  • Warranty: Limited 90-day warranty

How Does it Work

For most 3D printers, it’s simply a matter of gathering your filament – PLA (or ‘polyactid acid’), which is not as dangerous as it sounds – and selecting your design. Once the printer is running, you can hang around and see your design be brought to life.

After an initial set-up, using the USB cable and establishing your online account, you’re good to go. With your account, you’ll have access to several free designs from the start, while the website itself offers various designs for sale also.

That’s not mentioning the free designs floating around on the web, although you’ll need to modify the file type to make them compatible with your printer.

With a print space that is neither large nor small, you’ll find most designs are well within your reach. If you’re planning on making something truly large, you’ll need to print in pieces and reassemble on your own, which is a trick most printers use.

Get ready to print out your own chess pieces, tooth brush holders, bookends, or figurines of your favorite superheroes.

new matter MOD-t


The New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer comes with everything pre-equipped, so the first-time user can dive right into making something fun while getting the hang of their new 3D printer.

  • MOD-t printer (main unit)
  • Clear cover
  • New Matter 0.5 kg filament spool (a full-sized spool is 1 kg), random color
  • Spool holder
  • AC power supply
  • Power cord
  • Print surface plate (provides a 6x4x5 inch build area)
  • Build tray base
  • USB cord
  • Wire brush
  • Scraper handle and plastic blade
  • Utility cutter
  • User manual


Medium Sized Workspace

As mentioned earlier, the workspace is neither overly large nor is it extremely small. This leaves you with a good amount of space where you can get started on most designs.

If you really have your heart set on printing a larger than life item, finding files that break up the print in smaller pieces is the most conventional way of tackling the issue.

Interchangeable PLA Filament

While this printer only accepts PLA filament, it isn’t too finicky about the brand the filament comes from.

New Matter hosts a line of competitively priced filament, including filament with a pearl finish that gives an attractive sheen to your prints, but they certainly aren’t the only providers.

Higher quality filament makes for higher quality designs, but thanks to the interchangeability, you can listen to your wallet on this one.

Slow, But Qualitative

The New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer won’t be winning awards as the fastest of its kind, but sometimes there just isn’t a need for speed.

There is a marked difference in quality for any printer when you rush them, and the MOD-t desktop isn’t any different.

Quality-wise, the medium setting performs well, and only the most intricate designs tend to fall short when you allow it to progress at this speed.

Excellent Design

It has to be said – on an aesthetic level, the New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer is an impressive machine.

With the clear casing, the seemingly floating printer bed, and the overall unobtrusive look, it will appear as if you have a designer gadget standing around.

It’s obvious New Matter wanted to break away from the fabric standard and they have succeeded. If looks are important and you want to wow your friends with a futuristic printer, this is one important feature to consider.

new matter mod-t desktop 3d printer

Warranty and Support

A 90-day warranty is included with your purchase, covering any errors in craftsmanship or manufacturing at no fault to you.

The customer service team at New Matter also wants you to be satisfied with your product and should you have any questions or concerns relating to your 3D printer, they aim to be ready to answer.

With the purchase of your printer you’ll be granted unlimited support through phone, email and chat for as long as you have the printer.

It’s good to know they’ll have your back, even after your warranty expiration.

New Matter MOD-t Review

The Positives

Excellent Finish

Whether we’re talking about an excellent finish on the design of this printer, or rather about the end quality of any prints you create, this printer scores high on both ends.

Thanks to the gorgeous and minimalistic design, it can be placed anywhere without taking over the room. This is great for those who are short on space in their homes or classrooms. And getting to peek in at your print during its creation is always a fun treat.

Safe and Sound 

3D printers will never run as quiet as we’d like to, but the New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer has found a way to trap most of the sound, which is a relief especially for those with sensitive ears.

It’s one thing to have a 3D printer make all the noise in a workshop, but when placing this device in your home or classroom, excessive noise can be pretty distracting.

You can work in the same room as your running printer without being disturbed, and that is a considerable bonus.

The glass case does more than just block sound, but it also adds an extra safety precaution for curious children or students, so they don’t accidentally stick their hand on a hot plate, or damage the device.

User Community

Found a fun design that you want to share? The active user community is another big plus you’ll be tapping into by purchasing this machine.

Sharing prints is as easy as clicking a button, and you have access to advice from users of any level.

new matter mod-t desktop 3d printer


You can use this printer in a variety of ways – and we’re not just talking about designs.

The MOD-t Desktop Printer is compatible with both Mac iOS and Windows, and it also allows you to connect to it via Wifi, making it widely accessible, which isn’t the case with other printers.

While Linux is left out, having the ability to connect via Wifi makes it easier to adapt.

Automated Print Set-Up

Levelling the bed, positioning your print… for a beginner, these tasks are far from intuitive. And when you’re just starting out, fussing with these features can be deterring if you don’t get the hang of it right away.

The MOD-t desktop printer takes care of these tasks on its own, leaving you to enjoy the miracle of 3D printing at home.

Here’s what the New Matter Mod-t looks like out of the box.

The Negatives


If speed is a priority, then this won’t be the printer for you.

While the quality of finished products is more often good or even great, the speed at which they’re finished might make impatient users frustrated.

You’ll want to tackle your projects at a leisurely pace with this printer, but half the fun is watching it all come together.

No Design Manipulation

You can rotate a design and view it from all sides on your computer, but you can’t actually change anything in it.

If you’ve found a flaw in a particular design, you’ll have to use a different program to adjust it, since this is not a feature supported by this machine.

For most beginners, this won’t be too much of a flaw, but for those looking to take designs into their own hands, it can be frustrating.

Iffy Wireless Connection

While most users are able to utilize the Wifi connectivity on the MOD-t Desktop printer, others have found it a little unreliable.

You’ll want to make sure you have a strong wireless signal before connecting, and if it still gives you issues, you’ll have to utilize the USB connection instead.

Overall Verdict

Calling the New Matter Printer MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer the best 3D printer on the market for beginners isn’t too farfetched.

new matter mod-t desktop 3d printer

Delivering great quality on prints and providing more options on where you buy PLA, it’s a savvy option that leaves room for expanding should your projects (or your curiosity) grow in size.

We can heartily recommend this printer to any beginner who wants to invest in a good-looking exterior and trustworthy finished products.

The only people who will be disappointed with this printer are those who like to customize their designs and those who want to create extremely detailed prints. There’s only so much a great and cheap 3D printer can do after all.

Where to Buy the New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer

The New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer is certainly making waves as an attractive and affordable 3D printer. We’re not surprised at its popularity given its performance, and the fact that it makes it really easy to use this in your own home.

While it’s always a safe bet to check your specialty shops, the New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D Printer won’t be hard to find both in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

new matter mod-t

That’s it for our review on the New Matter MOD-t Desktop 3D printer. Curious to give it a go?


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