Mikki Kmaxx – 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer Review

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Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer
  • Print Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • User Experience
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

The Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer is known for being one of the most affordable 3D printers on the market.

While cutting costs is great for those looking to dip their feet into the world of 3D printing, it does mean cutting out some of the quality.

If the pros outweigh the cons then go ahead and get to printing!

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3D printers are the hot new commodity and they can really run up there in price.

The Mikki Kmaxx 101 Hero Pylon 3D printer is a nifty little device of its kind that comes in at a hugely attractive cost, but is it worth it?

mikki kmaxx review

Despite being adorable, there are a number of worrying issues that can potentially make this cheap 3D printer a risky buy.

Find out just how risky for yourself, and check out our 101 Hero 3D printer review below!

Mikki Kmaxx 101 Hero Pylon 3D Printer: The Details

  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.6 x 4.8 inches
  • Print Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4
  • Filament Types: PLA, HIPS, AVS
  • Ready to Print?: No
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac and Linux

How Does it Work

The 101 Hero is made from injection molding plastic and is of a pylon design. The print surface remains stationary while the print head lays out the design over time, and the control panel sits next to the machine.

Rather charmingly, this 3D printer is designed to print toys – the printer itself is geared towards families, and you can download a variety of models from Mikki Kmaxx themselves.

While they say that you can use a variety of filaments, PLA is the only one that works well and doesn’t cause as many issues as other filaments.


Aside from the parts for the printer itself, the 101 Hero comes with two short roles of PLA filament, tape, a 3D pen, a user manual and quick start guide.

In addition to the SD card you need to transfer the modeling files from your computer to the printer, you get everything you need to test out the printer straight away.

The fact that a 3D pen is included is a nice touch too.


SD Card Transfer

Instead of a USB or hardline connection, the 101 Hero uses an SD card reader to transfer the modeling files.

This frees up your workspace from another wire, and makes transferring files less of a hassle than connecting two devices to each other.


As mentioned, this printer is specifically designed to create toys.

Mikki Kmaxx supplies a number of designs that you can download directly from them and plug right into the printer.

This is a nice addition for those that want to play with the Mikki Kmaxx straight away but aren’t familiar with modeling programs.


The Mikki Kmaxx is compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux systems.

This is a handy feature and makes the printer a good option for a variety of people.

best cheap 3d printer


Small and lightweight, the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer is perfect for those with limited workspace.

You can pop it away in storage with no fuss at all, and when it comes time for the annual spring cleaning, shifting it out of the way is easy – unlike some of the Mikki Kmaxx’s competitors.

Mikki Kmaxx 101 Hero Pylon 3D Printer Review

The Positives


It will be hard to find a cheaper 3D printer on the market.

In comparison to other models in its range, the Mikki Kmaxx is incredibly affordable, which makes it a good choice for those who want to test out 3D printing for themselves and aren’t prepared to spend hundreds of dollars.

This also makes this a great option for beginners, as they won’t have to invest too much into a new hobby straight out of the gate.


We love how compact and lightweight this printer is!

Hobbyists will really enjoy how easy it is to fit the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero into their workspace – you could even pop this on a deep shelf or a spare lamp table!

It doesn’t pack on the pounds, making it easily portable for those who want to mix-up their working environment. This is great for freelancers or teachers who need to move between clients and classrooms.

And if you really just don’t have room for a printer, the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero can be easily stored away and brought out when needed.

mikki kmaxx 3d printer review

No Hardline Connection

Hardline connections mean that you have to keep the printer within a certain distance of the computer.

The fact that this printer operates via an SD card system is a feature we can totally get behind, as it offers a good deal of convenience and means one less cable to trip over.

This also makes it that much easier to use this printer on more than one system and means that you won’t have to bring the whole printer across town if you only want to take the design.


The company definitely doesn’t leave you hanging in terms of additional help and resources.

Simply hop on their website and you’ll have access to tutorials, video guides, and specially designed patches and tests that coincide with your printer.

It’s great to know that you have back-up should you come across any complications, or get lost during the process.

Your printer will also include filament with your purchase, so you really don’t need anything else to get started right away.

Not Just for Toys

While you shouldn’t count on this printer to make anything too grandiose, you don’t have to limit yourself to just toys.

Feel free to create small jewelry pieces, ornaments, keychains, or fridge magnets with the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero and let your imagination go wild.

Chess pieces, small household items, you name it. Just because it won’t be making the next giant Eiffel tower, doesn’t mean it limits itself to one kind of project.


Given that this printer really advertises its ability to print 3D toys, it would be odd if it didn’t undergo safety tests as not to harm its users, both young and old.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. The Mikki Kmaxx 101 Hero isn’t only lightweight enough limiting the amount of damage it can cause to its users, it has also been tested for safety so you can feel a little more at ease about your little ones helping you with projects.

mikki kmaxx 3d printer review

The Negatives

Build It Yourself… If Everything is Working

The fact that you have to spend a fair amount of time putting the printer together isn’t inherently a bad thing, but there are reports from some of our testers that they received broken and faulty parts upon delivery.

Given the sheer number of these reports, this really doesn’t bode well and will take extra patience to get started, which can be a deterrent for new hobbyists.

That being said, there is an option on their website where you can purchase the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero fully assembled.

Iffy Manufacturing

Sometimes, the quality of the product really comes down to the quality of the materials used in construction.

Plastic, which has been molded for the frame and the bulk of the working parts, isn’t the best material for a long lifespan, or the motors that keep the whole printer running…

Weak Motors

To be frank, the motors Mikki Kmaxx has chosen to use aren’t ideal.

They are weak, barely generating enough torque to keep the filament feed consistent (which it isn’t sometimes), and can clunk out all too easily. They can jam up in the blink of an eye, burn out, and generate a lot of noise.

There have been issues with the motors breaking within hours, and some giving problems right out of the box.

Bad Quality Prints

This is where the whole ‘being rather lightweight’ feature becomes a negative. When the printer gets going, it can really start dancing, especially if you run it at higher speeds.

All of that wobbling about makes for some really unpleasant prints.

In general, super high-quality jobs are just not something that the Mikki Kmaxx is capable of producing. Even at the slowest speed, of 5mm per second, the final print just will not come out as nicely as you probably want it to.

Look, to be honest? This printer is geared towards making toys for kids, and if the prints are coming out with sharp and rough edges, with large, noticeable gaps, it could be alarming.

In this case, gear these toys towards older children just to be safe and be sure be really selective with your designs to avoid ones that could cause sharp edges. If all else fails, get that sandpaper!

Slow Print Time

Good things take time, right? But how much is too much? Even small jobs – if you want the print to turn out decent – can take hours.

We would not feel confident leaving this printer unattended for a length of time, and so that means constant check-ups during print jobs.

If you have the patience, this isn’t too much of a big deal, but those looking to print a ton of projects will be disheartened.

mikki kmaxx 101hero pylon 3d printer


The Look

As 3D printers go, this is a weird looking one – especially if you’re looking for a printer for your business.

Wires are left out in the open, spilling from the top of the printer to the remote control, making the whole printer look unfinished and messy.

The color scheme of the body itself is nice (we are particularly fond of the light blue model), however those wires just ruin the aesthetic.

Plus, leaving those wires out could be asking for trouble. Pet owners and those with kids will need to keep the printer out of reach or hidden away, as we doubt replacing a chewed-through wire is easy to do.

Overall Verdict

The Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer is one that’s definitely friendly on tight budgets. However, some issues surrounding build quality, print quality, and weak motors can really overpower the positives we were able to find.

If you have few funds and a great deal of patience, then this is an acceptable entrance to the 3D printing experience.

However, for more than that, and for those looking to really grow in the world of 3D printing, you may be better off looking at a different model.

Where to Buy the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer

With a price tag like the one on the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero Pylon 3D Printer, its clear that 3D printers are becoming more and more accessible, available, and affordable.

3D printers including the Mikki Kmaxx 101Hero are readily available for purchase both in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online outlets.

And of course, this printer is also easily available on Amazon.

mikki kmaxx 3d printer review

That’s a wrap on our Mikki Kmaxx 3D Printer review. Are you curious enough to give it a go?


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