BIBO 3D Printer Review

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BIBO 3D Printer Rated
  • Print Quality
  • User Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

With all the bells, whistles, and convenient features included, the BIBO 3D Printer is an excellent machine for patient beginners and advanced users.

Set-up and use may take some time and getting used to for those just starting out, but the pros definitely trump the cons on this one.

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Read on for our Bibo 3D printer review…

While 3D printing can no longer be considered new, it still hasn’t reached the point that every household has a machine.

That could be due to any number of factors, but one of the most likely is that people don’t understand how they work or how they fit into their lives.

bibo 3d printer review

3D printers range from being for the very technical, engineering-minded person to the person just looking to make fun stuff at home; it all depends on the model of printer you buy. The BIBO 3D printer fits both of those categories.

The novice will find it one of the easier models to use, while the more experienced will appreciate all the extra features that come with it.

Although, the more budget-minded customer may be off-put by the price tag.

BIBO2 Touch Laser 3D Printer: The Details


  • Weight: 35.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18.4 x 14 x 14.7 inches
  • Print Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.3 x 6.3 inches
  • Filament Type: PLA, ABS, dissolvable filament, flexible filament, nylon, wood, PETG, conductive filament, and carbon fiber filament
  • Ready to Print?: Requires some assembly. Takes about an hour, depending on your skill.
  • Compatibility: Works with PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Warranty: 12 months on the printer, three months on the extruders, no warranty on anything else

How Does It Work

3D printing takes some skill, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to learn.

There are how-to articles, YouTube videos, and lots of forums and websites dedicated to teaching you how to work your 3D printer and create whatever your heart desires. You just have to figure out what you want to make first.

While you can start with a completely original design, there are also websites, like Thingiverse, that have already-designed prints. You only need to send them to your printer. Pretty simple, right?

If you want to create your own design, there are a number of different kinds of software that you can use. Once you create your design, you send it through a splicing software and then off to the printer.

best 3d printer

There are also a ton of brands of splicing software. Cura is an example of one for both beginners and advanced users; it also works with the BIBO, and it’s free!

The design software that works with the BIBO includes Repetier-Host, Cura, and Simplify3D.

Once you send your design to the printer, the file tells the printer where to place the filament, what colors to use if you are using more than one, and how big your print is going to be.

Since the BIBO has two extruders, your print will take half the time of normal 3D printers.


Self-Contained Unit

The BIBO 3D printer is completely self-contained, unlike many 3D printers that are more open. It makes it safer (especially if you have kids running around) and easier to keep it to a specific area.

Enclosed units also make it easier for the machine to maintain an even heat throughout the printing process.

Also, because the outer frame is made of aluminum, it is much sturdier than similar models that have a plastic frame.

Footprint-wise, the BIBO is 18.4 x 14 x 14.7 inches, which adds up to about the size of a small microwave.


The BIBO comes with a Wi-Fi module which gives you access to your printer from your smartphone or any other portable device.

best 3d printer

It also comes with a laser-engraving module that allows you to engrave wood, leather, or even plastic. You do not get that with a lot of other printers.

And, because you are going to have to put some of the printer together yourself, the BIBO comes with an SD card with a manual, assembly instructions as well as the slicing software you will need once you start creating things to print.


The BIBO also comes with one spool of PLA filament. Once you assemble all the components of your printer, you will be ready to print immediately.

Additionally, the BIBO works with a number of other types of filament including, PLA, ABS, dissolvable filament, flexible filament, nylon, wood, PETG, conductive filament, and carbon fiber filament.

Acrylic Cover

You are also going to get an acrylic cover kit, which will help keep the temperature stable while you’re printing, and is easy to remove so you can access your print.

Glass Bed

The glass bed is also removable, making it very easy to get your print out once it’s finished. It comes leveled so you don’t have to deal with getting out a level and adjusting it yourself.

You will also get a USB cable to connect the printer to your computer.

It heats up to 100°C (212°F), allowing you to print a number of different filaments. With the size of the bed, you can print an object up to 8.4 x 7.3 x 6.3 inches.


Unlike many other printers, the BIBO has a touchscreen for ease of use. All you have to do is push the icon to select the function you want.

You can see everything you’re doing right on the screen, and easily keep track of your progress.


This printer also has dual-extruders, meaning it will cut your 3D printing time in half of what single extruder printers normally do in the same amount of time.

bibo 3d printer review

Dual extruders also mean it is much easier to make prints with two different color filaments. The file you send to the printer will tell it when to use which color.

Along with the extruders, there are two fans to cool the filament (which can come out up to 270 °C/580 °F) as it forms whatever you decided to print.


  • Wi-Fi module
  • Laser-engraving module
  • Acrylic cover kit
  • USB cable
  • One spool of PLA filament
  • SD card with manual/instructions
  • Removeable glass bed
  • One glue stick
  • Allen wrenches

BIBO2 Touch Laser 3D Printer: Review


Laser Engraver

The BIBO includes a laser engraver that works on a number of materials. Not many, if any, other 3D printers include this and at this price range (which is mid-range for 3D printers) is a great addition.

You install it where the extruders are located. Just remove the extruders, install the engraver, and then connect the cable attached to the engraver into one of the extruder fans.

The engraving software and safety glasses are included.

Filament Detection

The BIBO has a feature that if the filament spool runs out, the printer stops mid-print so you can refill it. Once it’s refilled, it goes on printing.

This can be invaluable when doing bigger printing jobs. Additionally, if your power is cut or goes out for whatever reason, the printing continues from where it left off once the power returns

Dual Extruders

It cannot be said enough how great this feature is. It cuts down on the time it takes for your prints to finish, it allows you to print in two different colors, and it means if you are adding support to your print, you can use a different type of filament for the support sections.

bibo dual extender 3d printer

For example, you can use a dissolvable filament for the support, and then you just have to soak the end result in water and the support will dissolve, giving you your final product.

Customer Support

Based on Amazon and other reviews online, the customer support for the BIBO is very good. They get back to you in a timely manner and are ready to help with whatever problem you’re having.

Considering customer service can sometimes be a nightmare, having a great support team scores BIBO another point in the pro column.

Everyone Included

The BIBO 3D printer is a machine that gets along with everyone. Whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, you won’t have to worry about being excluded from the action – the software works for all.

The connectivity options included with this printer also makes it easy for anyone to connect, whether from their computer or smart device. And if all else fails, there’s also the included SD card and cable.



Some assembly is required, and if you are a novice, this might be an issue. Some users have also stated that the instructions provided with the printer are less than clear.

Anyone who has ever put together anything from IKEA knows how frustrating bad instructions can be.

There is also quite a bit to assemble.

The acrylic cover needs to be assembled and installed. The extruders need to be unwrapped and installed. The front door needs to be attached. The filament spool holders need to be installed on the back of the printer, and the filament stoppers need to be installed to tell the printer when the filament has run out.

If you buy the printer on Amazon, there is the option of having it professionally assembled, but it will cost you extra on top of the price of the printer.

On your own, assembly can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your skill level.


There have been complaints about the bed being difficult to level and taking a long time to heat up. The bed being level can make all the difference in if your print comes out looking right or not.

There are also complaints about the filament detection not working, so when the filament runs out, the user is not told.

Here’s a video showing the BIBO 3D printer out of the box, and engraving on wood.

Overall Verdict

Based on all the factors, we would recommend the BIBO2 Touch Laser 3D printer.

The dual-extruders, the addition of a laser engraving module, it being a completely self-contained unit, and its stellar customer support make it one of the most all-inclusive 3D printers on the market.

While it does have its issues, the pros far outweigh the cons. But because of the amount of assembly and the confusing instructions, we recommend this for a more advanced user or a novice who has a knowledgeable friend.

Where to Buy the BIBO 3D Printer

3D Printing is a craft not yet well-known for being used for personal use. With the trend in 3D printers still gaining attention, it can be tricky to find the one you’re after in your usual retail stores.

While it’s always best to check specialty stores and 3D printing shops, you can kick-start your search by checking their website and the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this printer on Amazon.

bibo dual extruder 3d printer

That’s it for our review on the BIBO2 3D Printer. Are you tempted to give it a try?


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