Baby Shower Theme Ideas

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Baby showers are a special time where an expecting mom, along with her friends and family, get together to celebrate the start of a new adventure.

Planning a baby shower that isn’t a run-of-the-mill ‘pink for girls, blue for boys, or green for a surprise’ theme can seem a little tricky.

baby shower themes for girls

There are numerous Pinterest boards full of other mom-to-bes trying to sort out themes, menus, and decorations. Problem is, there are so many ideas out there, it can be tricky to refine it all down into a clean theme. Then you need to actually execute it all yourself!

So, we’ve made a list of our favorite baby shower theme ideas that are unique, relatively easy to set up, and will make your baby shower a fun and memorable day for everyone.

All of these ideas are great baby shower themes for girls and for boys!

Story Book Baby Shower Themes

Green Eggs and Ham

Everyone has read at least one Dr. Seuss book! One of the most memorable, and handily themed, Dr. Seuss book is the classic Green Eggs and Ham. You can have a world of fun decorating with this theme; just pick a few shades of green!

As for snacks, with a little food dye and creative cooking, you can whip up platters of sweet and savory food. Drop a bit of green food dye into the yolk and mayo mixture of Deviled Eggs and you’ve got a unique spin on classic party food already!

Styling the invitations with an image from the book is a cute way to really make your theme stand out, while giving your invites a memorable look.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Who doesn’t love chocolate? A delicious theme from a story we all know and love, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great way to theme your baby shower.

Filling the room with rich browns and purples, investing in a chocolate fondue fountain surrounded by purple balloons, and sprinkling the space with vividly bright Willy Wonka themed foods and decorations will make for one sweet shower.

You can even turn your invitations into golden tickets!

Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a cute twist on the pastel themes that many baby showers are designed around.

Decorating for this theme can be rather simple, especially if you stick to white and one or two pastel colors, as all you need are balloons, ribbons, and a few vases of flowers.

Popping a few stuffed rabbit toys on your table is a cute way to really sink into the theme too! If the weather is suitable, this is a lovely theme to carry outside into the garden.


If you love books and want to pass this love onto your future child, then having a Matilda themed baby shower can be a wonderful idea.

A cake shaped like a pile of books, invitations and decorations following the pale yellow theme of the original book cover, and centerpieces of flowers and well-loved books will make for a wonderfully styled space.

Perhaps, too, you could ask your guests to donate one of their favorite childhood books as a gift.

Baby Shower Themes Featuring Classic Cartoons

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and his friends took us on many wonderful journeys as kids. Theming a baby shower after this silly old bear and his love for honey is sweet and simple.

Honey cakes with fondant bees, little clay pots full of treats with ‘Hunny’ written on them, and yellow, red, and brown decorations will have your living room looking like Christopher Robin’s world in no time at all.

Disney and DreamWorks

There are so many great DreamWorks and Disney movies; picking just one to theme your baby shower after is the most difficult step.

Whatever movie you choose to go with, pay attention to their color scheme and art style; you can design a theme from these alone!

unique boy baby shower themes

Plus, given how popular Disney and DreamWorks are, you can probably find plenty of party theme style guides online.

Baby Shower Themes with a Touch of Class

High Tea

High teas are fancy affairs, and they are perfect for relaxed baby showers.

The idea with high tea is to keep decorations minimal yet beautiful, with spreads of delicate finger foods, floral arrangements, and white decorations.

High tea can be easily done in your own home or in a lush garden space. Draping fairy lights along the walls, ceiling, rafters, or tables can create an extra lux edge.


Break out the glitter and get yourself some metallic decorations, as glam-themed baby showers are a bright, colorful world of fun.

You can really go all out on this theme, decorating your room with bold colors, balloons, and centerpieces.

Grab yourself a few LED letters to spell out ‘baby shower,’ your baby’s future name, or whatever you want, for an extra glam effect.

Worldly Baby Shower Themes

Around the World in 80 Days

Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures is one of life’s great joys, and you can turn this into a baby shower theme too!

Depending on how many people/tables you will have at your baby shower, you can theme each table with food and decorations after different parts of the world – such as Mexico, India, Japan, and Italy for four different tables.

Another idea is to have sections of food that are themed to different nations, then let your guests pick and choose what they want to eat.

Alternatively, pick one place in the world and theme the whole party after it! This theme is a great opportunity to play some new tunes and flex your cooking skills!


You don’t have to live by the beach to experience the tropics. With the right food, decorations, and tunes, you can create your very own baby shower in beautiful Hawaii.

Whip together a few fruit platters, blend up some virgin cocktails, and light up some tiki torches – and you’ve got the basics for a tropical party already!

Set some mood lighting with a few fairy lights and tiki cups, pop on a bit of Elvis, and you have a little piece of Hawaii in your living room.


Nautical themes are simple to pull off and are great for announcing that you’ve got a little sailor on the way!

You do need a few supplies to really bring this theme to life, but a fleshed out nautical theme looks stunning.

Grabbing a few lengths of white rope, sea-themed decorations, as well as blue and red balloons and ribbons is the bulk of what you need.

You can create some cute nautical food too, aside from a themed cake, by filling clear cups with blue Jell-O and topping them with boats made out of orange slices and white cupcake flags!

Baby Shower Themes Influenced by Pop Culture

Game of Thrones

Just because this is a baby shower doesn’t mean it has to be suitable for children – so if you and your friends love Game of Thrones, you can totally have a baby shower themed after the show!

Given how popular the series is, you should be able to snap up some wall decorations with the various house crests on them.

Decorate your tables with black tablecloths (and perhaps with runners the same color of your favorite house), use golden or silver punch bowls full of fruit, and light some candles.

Depending on your favorite house, you can style the invitations with their crest and colors too!

Comic Books

Comic books are a fun and bright baby shower theme.

The classic yellows and reds will comprise the bulk of your decorations, and popping a few speech bubbles (such as the classic ‘Pow!’, ‘Bam!’, and ‘Wow!’) will really bring out the retro comic theme.

As this is a common party idea, you can find plenty of great invitation templates using the comic theme.

Star Wars

In a future not far off, in a living room really, really close, you may be having a panic because you can’t think of a fun theme for your baby shower. Well, Star Wars is always a winner!

You can find decorations to theme your living room after the Empire or the Rebel Alliance – or you can just go nuts with the Star Wars theme and have both!

There are plenty of wonderful ways to decorate cakes and cookies to suit this theme, and using the classic Star Wars font on your invitations is a no-brainer.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is everywhere. There is so much to choose from when working with this magical universe as your baby shower theme.

Hang fairy lights from the ceiling, fill your table with British deserts and butter beer (which is something you can make or buy!) to satisfy hungry guests, and drape wall hangings with the house crests. It’ll turn your living room into the Great Hall of Hogwarts!

Grabbing a goodie bag of Harry Potter decorations from any party store will guarantee a magically themed event in no time.

baby shower themes

Baby Shower Themes About Weather


Cookies shaped like seashells or flip-flops, a pineapple cake, and vintage glasses full of bubbly fruit punch is a surefire way to theme your baby shower after summer.

Covering your tables in classic red-checkerboard cloths, lanterns, and pinwheels will emulate those lovely summer picnics.

Finish decorating with vases full of flowers, tiki torches, and yellow and white balloons for the full effect.


A spring theme is like summer, only with more flowers and pastel decorations. Draping fairy lights along your walls and having baskets full of flowers as a centerpiece will really bring the spring theme to life.

A cute way to decorate your cupcakes is to use painted chocolate eggs to make tiny bird nests, and pop a few bird decorations around the table to pair with the yummy treats.


Autumn is full of vibrant reds, oranges, and golds. If you love bold colors, then this is the theme for you!

Covering your tables in red cloths, gold runners, and then scattering fake fallen leaves over the surface is a good start.

Using real, or fake, pumpkins are a super way to add a vibrant centerpiece if you don’t want to use a skeleton tree draped with fairy lights.

As for food, pumpkin spiced cakes and tiramisu is a great combo.


Winter wonderland is a clean and stunning theme. Using white, silver, and pale blue decorations combined with fairy lights and snowflakes are the basics.

Top things off with glass platters and a few candles, and you’ve got yourself a stunning theme.

Here’s a video showing how to make an easy backdrop for any baby shower theme.


Baby showers are a wonderful party that moms-to-be will remember forever.

There are hundreds of awesome ways to theme your shower that will offer a memorable and unique day for everyone!

What’s your favorite baby shower theme?


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