SUNCOO 4 in 1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Machine Review

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SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Rated
  • Print Quality
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

Not only is the SUNCOO Digital Clamshell Heat Press easy to use, but it’s durable, affordable, and versatile, with the ability to tackle a number of projects, safely.

There are just a few concerns when it comes to this machine, but it’s clear the pros outweigh the cons on this one.

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Have you ever seen graphic t-shirts at a department store, and wondered if you could make your own? They look simple, sure, but can quality be guaranteed? Well, it’s all about the heat press!

Buying your own is simple – if you know what to look for. Today we’re looking at one option that does it all and more, the SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press.

suncoo digital heat press

Heat presses ensure an image is transferred onto a shirt with heat and pressure levels that deliver quality.

Whether you’re new to heat pressing or do it professionally, finding a heat press that does all it promises and more is quite a difficult task.

It’s crucial that the temperature remains stable, that the press won’t scorch the item you’re transferring an image to, and that you can transfer on a variety of materials.

While some found it difficult to operate, and the instructions aren’t very helpful, we’re here to give you the lowdown – so you can decide if it’s the perfect buy for you!

SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 inches.
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Plate size: 15 x 15 inches.
  • Stand-Out Feature: 15 x 15 space (trust us, it’s good!).


15 x 15 Space

The SUNCOO heat press offers you a sizable area to press on. This means you can transfer your chosen image onto much larger things than just a t-shirt or a tote bag.

You also won’t have to press multiple times for larger-size shirts, like you do with smaller-sized presses.

Nonstick Plates

The plates on the SUNCOO are also coated with a nonstick material, so you don’t have to worry about your transfer image sticking to the plates.

This also means your t-shirt won’t stick to the top or bottom plate; you can remove the material with ease.


The clamshell design means the top plate simply lowers onto whatever you’re pressing, and it’s easy to lift up when you’re finished.

best cheap heat press machine

Temperature Range

The heat press also has a fairly wide temperature range, able to heat up from 0°F to 250°F.

Once you set the temperature, it can be monitored on the display, located at the front of the machine. No more second guessing!

Time Control

The SUNCOO press has a timer control on it as well. You can set the time as anywhere from 0 to 999 seconds (a little over 16 minutes).

You can also monitor this on the display, so there’s no need to establish a second timer on your phone – or guestimate when the process is complete.

Finally, there’s an alarm built-in to notify you when the time is up.

Steel Frame

This machine also has a complete steel frame with all the parts strongly welded together.

You don’t have to worry about it breaking, or having pieces fall off while you’re using it.


The heat press comes with a 90-day warranty to replace the machine if there are any manufacturer defects.

SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Review

The Positives

Easy to Use Right Out of the Box

Setting up and using your new SUNCOO heat press is very simple. You just have to follow a few steps and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick guide:

  • After removing the machine from the box, check to make sure you have all the parts necessary and that everything is securely connected. We don’t want anything falling off once you turn it on, and now is the time to use the warranty if needed!
  • Plug in the heat press and turn it on.
  • Set the time and temperature to your desired settings.
  • Put the t-shirt, bag, tile, or another item onto the lower plate once the plates are preheated (there is an alarm, so don’t worry).
  • Next, put the transfer paper onto your item. This is where your image will be located, so make sure the design is perfect before you begin this.
  • Put the upper heat plate down. The timer will start counting.
  • Pull the upper heat plate up when the timer is finished. Another alarm will go off to alert you.
  • Peel off the transfer paper and then admire your new creation!

With such an easy to use machine, with little to no learning curve, you’ll soon be churning out projects like a pro.


You can transfer just about anything onto a variety of different items with the SUNCOO heat press.

You can transfer photos, letters, numbers, words, or your favorite characters, onto items from cotton t-shirts to bags to ceramic tiles to plates to puzzles.

SUNCOO heat press review

With the range of things you can create, this is a great way to make gifts for birthdays and holidays.

This also makes the SUNCOO heat press perfect for small businesses as you’ll be able to cater to a wide variety of requests, without your machine slowing you down.

Temperature Stability

Once you set your desired temperature, it stays at that temperature. This may sound obvious, but it’s crucial – especially in lower-cost presses.

If the temperature is uneven or otherwise fluctuates, you risk the image failing to transfer onto your item at all – or the item being scorched.

You don’t have to worry about that with the SUNCOO heat press. It’s steady and in control and if you utilize the timer as well, your chances of burning or ruining your projects will be limited.


Whenever heat is a factor in any project, dangers arise. It’s vital that precautions are taken to ensure no burns are received by yourself, helpers, or the items you’re pressing.

SUNCOO includes features that keep you safe automatically.

The alarm that triggers when the plates are heated, as well as the timer that alerts you of a finished project, ensures you’re always aware of when the machine is up and running, so no forgetful spells end in disaster.


The SUNCOO Heat Press isn’t only steady, but it’s strong and durable as well, so you won’t have to worry about this machine lasting with you, project after project.

It has a sturdy steel frame structure ready to tackle projects of all sizes and will stand up against wear and tear. SUNCOO also mentions that this heat press is water resistant.

Not that you’ll be operating this machine in a downpour, but should you prefer to craft outdoors to take advantage of a hot summer day, or just happen to live in a humid climate, you won’t have to worry about this machine being affected by the weather.

Great for Beginners 

Since this heat press is relatively easy to setup and use, it makes it the perfect machine for beginners and newcomers to this craft.

SUNCOO digital clamshell high pressure heat press machine

Its safety features ensure that new users have a low chance of messing up, and the straightforward digital pad makes it easy to punch in settings.

The clamshell design adds to the machine’s ease of use, and the versatility of it allows users to try and perfect a number of projects. Start with t-shirts and move on to tiles, plates, and bags!

As mentioned, small business will also benefit from this machine, as they won’t have to shell out a ton of money for a machine that tackles a variety of materials.

The Negatives

Instructions Difficult to Understand

This heat press is simple to operate, yes, but if you do become confused – the instructions aren’t helpful.

A few of our testers resorted to YouTube or online articles for further guidance, as the manual included in the box was confusing and unclear at times.

Once the machine was up and running, it worked just fine, but the lead-up was frustrating to those who are used to following a manual.

While this isn’t a huge negative, if you’re new to the craft and have no experience with heat presses, be aware that some self-guided research may be necessary. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Not Much Contact Information

SUNCOO doesn’t have an online presence outside of their Amazon page. If something goes wrong or you need a replacement part, you can only visit their Amazon page for answers.

Besides that, there is no real customer service to get in contact with.

If not being able to contact the company is a major issue for you, Amazon is still there for refunds and exchanges, but it is something to consider when buying this press.

Large and in Charge 

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact machine, then this heat press won’t be the one that suits those needs.

The SUNCOO Heat Press weighs over 50 lbs and is made to accommodate larger projects, meaning you will need to make space for it either permanent or semi-permanent.

best heat press

Those lacking in space whether in an apartment, office or crafting room won’t be able to tuck this away in a corner, so its best suited for those with the ability to make enough space for it.

And since its a heavier heat press, once you have it in place, you may not want to move it.

Overall Verdict

After looking into all the positives and the negatives of the SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press, we recommend it.

It has large plates that allow you to tackle larger, more complicated projects that include a range of items. It keeps a stable temperature, has a durable steel frame, and is easy to use.

The instructions do seem to be difficult to understand for some users, but since there are alternative guides online, it is not enough of a negative to dissuade users.

If you are in the market for a heat press to make t-shirts for your organization or just a few tote bags for yourself, the SUNCOO might be just what you’re seeking, with a bit of extra research.

Where to Buy the SUNCOO 4-in-1 Digital Clamshell Heat Press

While this heat press is definitely worthy of standing with others in its class, it’s still a name that doesn’t stand out, even with its quality features.

While it’s always best to check crafting and specialty stores, this affordable heat press will be hard to find both in-store and online.

But not to fret, you can find this heat press on Amazon.

SUNCOO heat press review

That’s a wrap for our review on the SUNCOO Digital Clamshell High-Pressure Heat Press machine. Tempted to give it a try?


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