Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine Review

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Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine Rated
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Craft Schmaft Verdict

The Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine is perfect for hobbyists looking for a lightweight device that’s easy to use.

It’ll tackle a variety of projects, and will remain stable through hours of carving.

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Laser cutting is both an up-and-coming hobby and a practice that has existed for quite some time, both in crafting and artistic fields.

The Shuogou High-Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine is one of many carving machines that seek to aid hobbyists and professional artists alike.

shuogou laser engraver review

Understanding how to use a carving machine can take time, and to some degree, the practice is dangerous; you’re working with lasers somewhat constantly, which puts both you and your project at risk of getting burned.

However, this Shuogou Laser Engraver review can help you determine whether or not this is a hobby you want to explore, and whether this carving machine particular is the best laser engraver for you.

Shuogou High-Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine: The Details


  • Dimensions: 14 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches.
  • Weight: 9.75 lbs.

There are also a number of extra features included as part of the laser carving machine, such as:

  • 1 x Power Adapter 12V 4A.
  • 1 x Laser Protection Glasses.
  • 1 x Test Steel Sheet.
  • 1 x Black Pen.
  • 1 x Manual Lifting Platform, 4×4 Inches.
  • 1 x USB Cable.
  • 1 x Focusing Column.


Precision Engraving

When working with a laser cutter of any type, there’s always a risk that the lasers inside the carving machine will accidentally set your working material on fire.

best laser engraver

Luckily, the Shuogou Carving Machine prides itself on precision engraving, meaning that the lasers installed into its system can operate within an almost immeasurable radius of error, ensuring that your project will be as precisely cut as possible.

Wide Engraving Area

You’ll also have the ability to work with a large range of materials. The dimensions of the carving machine offer a 14- x 14-inch work surface onto which you can place the material of your choice.

So long as your chosen design fits into the perimeters of the carving machine, you’ll be able to create whatever kind of project your heart desires.

Provided Carving Tools

There are also a number of carving tools that come along with the Shuogou High-Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine.

Many of these are listed above, and all of them are meant to ensure that the project you’re working on, be it part of a small business operation or for a personal project, comes away from the device as cleanly cut as possible.

USB Connectivity

In order for the Shuogou Carving Machine to work, you’ll need to connect it to a computer, thereby importing the design of your project into the laser carving machine.

Shuogou Laser Engraver review

Luckily, the device is more than capable of USB connectivity. So, either use a portable USB stick to carry over your design, or you can also connect it directly to your computer via the provided cable.

How Does it Work?

You do have to be a bit careful when operating a laser cutter, even when the lasers themselves, as well as your project, are contained.

Laser cutters work by first having you design the engraving that you’d like, or by downloading a preferred design from a shared community.

You’ll then transfer this design to the laser cutter either by connecting the carving machine to a computer by USB cable or by a physical, smaller USB stick.

Once you’ve transferred your design, you’ll ensure that the dimensions of your chosen material are matched within the laser carving machine.

Finally, you’ll let the machine go to work, all the while keeping a careful eye on your project in case something catches on fire.

Once the machine has finished, you’ll be able to safely remove your finished project from the laser carving machine’s containment unit – though heads up! Your workspace may smell like burned material for a while. This is normal and part of the laser carving process.

Shuogou: The Company

Shuogou, the company, creates a number of accessories for folks of all hobbies. These sorts of products include metal detectors, laser carving machines, wind paddles, and kayaks.

The diversity of products developed by this company speaks to a wide breadth of audience and a desire to serve a large community by providing, if not essential, then creative items that are meant to excite the hobbyist in all of us.

Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine Review

The Positives

Range of Provided Work

Based on some of the details listed above, you might assume that the Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine can create a number of unique pieces, no matter your level of skill with a laser cutter.

That isn’t the half of it, though. Not only will you be able to laser cut a number of complex designs with this carving machine, but you’ll be able to engrave said designs onto a plethora of materials.

The Shuogou Laser Carving Machine can work with pre-engraved wood, plastic, acrylic, metal, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, stone, bamboo, leather, paper, plastic, and some transparent materials.

It’s likely that no matter what kind of project you imagine, you’ll be able to make it with the Shuogou. Need to update an old design? Want to customize a kitchen appliance? Creating a unique gift for a friend? You definitely have options.

Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine


For a machine that can do so much, the Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine is quite reasonably priced. While it is not the cheapest artistic tool on the market today, for a laser cutter, the Amazon-listed price seems fair.

This is especially true once you consider how many materials it can work on – which is far greater than some machines of its kind.

So for those on a budget, or for those just starting out in this hobby, you won’t be set back or deterred by this purchase. You’ll have a high-quality machine for a fraction of the cost of others, freeing up your wallet for materials.

While this will also free up some money for extra accessories, you’ll already have accessories available to you included with your purchase, even down to the safety goggles.

Easy to Use

Beyond that, the Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine seems to be relatively straightforward to use.

While beginners may need some assistance understanding how to transfer their design of choice into the machine’s interface, the process of working with the laser cutter still primarily relies on patience and a close monitoring of the material you’ve chosen to work with.

You won’t need advanced skill, though you will be able to speed up the process as you become more fluent with the machine.

You’ll have an instruction manual included if you need it, but if it shouldn’t suffice, you’ll have access to YouTube videos and other guides as well.

Compact and Lightweight

Whether you’re short on space at home or in your workroom, the Shuogou Laser Engraver won’t be a pain to have around.

It’s compact enough to fit on a variety of tabletops, and lightweight that it won’t weigh your workspace down. A lightweight machine also makes it easier to move about or tuck it away until you need it.

Shuogou Laser Engraver review

If you’re planning on using this in an office or workplace, it’ll be a saving grace since you’ll be able to have your other tools around as well without feeling cluttered.

Durable Build

The Shuogou Laser Engrave is constructed out of aluminum and acrylic, making it a little sturdier than other machines made out of other cheaper materials.

No matter where you keep it, you won’t have to worry about its weight allowing it to be knocked over or damaged. It will stand up to a lot of use and wear and tear while ensuring your crafting process is always safe.

Some users have been able to use this for hours without any sign of it slowing down. You also won’t have to worry about placing this in a busy workroom or office thanks to its long-lasting design.

The Negatives

Some Difficult Compatibilities

Unfortunately, no tool can be perfect. While the Shuogou Carving Machine links up well with Windows as an operating system, the laser cutter does have some trouble connecting to computers that operate on Mac or Linux.

This incompatibility does limit buyers. So, if you’re a diehard Apple fan, it may be wise to keep shopping, as this will cause you additional trouble. 

The Small Size May Be a Problem

While you do have a worktable included with this machine, the size of it is somewhat small. While this is great news for some hobbyists who are short on space, it might be a con for others.

If you’re looking to undertake projects of a significant size as opposed to more intimate projects, then you may wish to invest in a laser cutter that can accommodate materials with broader dimensions.

This machine is great to start on, but if you’re continuously tackling bigger projects, you may need to upgrade sooner or think about another machine altogether.

Overall Verdict

Generally speaking, the Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine is a widely respected laser cutter that is straightforward to use, even if beginners need to proceed with care and perhaps be given a little extra guidance.

It may not be within the range of everyone’s pocketbooks, but the laser cutter is still reasonably priced for the kind of work it can provide.

It can help anyone, from artists to small business owners, create unique and well-cut products within the comfort of their home.

Where to Buy the Shuogou High Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine

Shuogou has definitely caught the attention from crafters and enthusiasts with their mini laser carving machine which is no surprise, given the variety of crafting items they have available for purchase.

The High-Speed Mini Laser Carving Machine is just one example of the array of reasonably priced products from Shuogou, and we can’t wait to see how this company grows.

While Shuogou may not be a popular brand, they keep most of their brand presence online selling through popular retailers which can limit their brand access.

This does make their products easier to find, but it can still be a challenge to find the Shuogou Mini Laser Carving Machine in-store and online. To kick-start your search, you can check out the following online retailer.

And thankfully, you can also find this laser engraver on Amazon.

 Shuogou Laser Engraver review

That’s all for Shuogou Laser Engraver review. Tempted to give it a go?


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