Should I Buy a Photography Tripod?

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Whether you’re content as an amateur photographer or looking to become a professional, you need certain hardware to make your photos as beautiful as possible.

On top of your camera, there are definitely things you should consider – the most important being a photography tripod.

Here’s some information on how to break into tripod photography.

Photography Tripod Description

A photography tripod is a three-legged stand for a camera, frequently used with professional photography.

The legs extend and retract, allowing the camera to be moved to the right angle for the shot. In addition, there is a small movable head on the top so you can position the camera even more specifically.

The tripod is set up on a surface where you want to take the shot, and then the camera is attached to the head, where it can be moved more delicately.

Tripod photography will make your pictures more professional-looking, even if you’re self-taught.

Benefits of Using a Photography Tripod

Though many people don’t even consider it part of their setup, a good tripod is really essential for all photographers.

The benefits are even more far-reaching than you might assume.


Of course, tripods keep cameras steady. There’s a great deal of stability assistance built into modern digital cameras, but even more stability is necessary when you’re trying to capture small movements, or if you have a heavy camera.

As a tripod photographer, you can be sure your camera won’t move from where you’ve placed it.


Another thing many people use their tripod for is lighting.

You can position your lighting on top of the tripod and use the camera without it, making it easier to keep your lights stable and reliable.

This makes solo shoots considerably easier.

tripod photography

Long Exposures

Anytime you’re doing a panorama, looking at the sky, or taking pictures of the sea, you’re going to need a longer exposure.

Without a tripod, the shakiness of your hands, regardless of how stable you are, will make them look more amateur than if you had mechanical assistance.

A tripod will make your panoramas seamless and allow you to take beautiful long-exposure pictures!

Photography Tripod Types

There are many photography tripods at many prices with many functions.

This can seem overwhelming, but it’s very simple to break down as long as you know the kind you’re seeking.


These are usually meant to be very portable so you can keep them in a small bag or backpack and still move around; you may own one of these even if you don’t consider yourself a tripod photographer!

Tabletop tripods are not meant for significant wear and tear; they’re mostly designed for small, quick setups, like indoor group shots, and are only made to support small cameras.

Be sure to check the maximum weight limit on a tabletop tripod so you know if it can support yours!

photography tripod


These are typically what you envision when you hear ‘photography tripod.’

They generally extend to about four to six feet, and have longer legs and a more flexible head than a tabletop tripod.

They’re more difficult to transport, so make sure you’re able to move heavier tripods if you decide to use this type, but they’re also higher quality and will take better pictures.


Studio tripods are the highest-quality – and are also the most expensive.

They are very large, sometimes immovable, and are almost always used with a special head for the camera.

Most tripod photographers in the modern era won’t need a studio-grade tripod, as very large cameras that require heavy-duty tripods go mostly unused nowadays.

This variety is mostly used for advertising and other studio needs.

Choosing a Photography Tripod

You may know the general type of tripod you need, but details are still important.

Photography tripods can be classed into mostly-accurate groups, but have differing specifications, so let’s evaluate what you need before you decide which is perfect for you.

tripod photography

Your Photography Tripod Needs

Professional tripods are excellent if you’re planning to do nature or event photography, whereas you may only need a tabletop tripod if you’re taking staged indoor pictures and other generally stable shots.

However, you also need to pay attention to the weight rating, which tells you the maximum weight the tripod can support; ideally, it should be at least twice your camera’s weight.

You should also note the head of the tripod; it has to move enough to suit your needs, and you may need to buy a separate head if your tripod doesn’t come with one.


Obviously, price is important to consider. As someone who is just moving into the world of tripod photography, it would be beneficial to buy a low-end one for your first foray.

A quality one can be anywhere from $70 to around $150. You can see why it’s recommended to start with a less expensive one!

Very high-quality photography tripods can cost more than $500, and a lower-end option will allow you to become more comfortable with the craft before spending hundreds of dollars.

Conclusion on Photography Tripods

Tripod photography can be a great way to enhance the photos you’re already taking with your camera.

Though these tools can seem intimidating, it’s not hard to find one that suits your unique shoots without breaking the bank.

Have you tried your hand at tripod photography?


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