Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera Review

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Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera Rated
  • Photography Quality
  • Videography Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Accessories
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

The Nikon Coolpix L340 is a great camera for those on a budget and for those just starting out in photography.

It comes with a ton of accessories to get you going at a fraction of the cost of other cameras under this brand and quality level.

Connectivity, and confusing warranty information can be an issue for some, but for those just ready to get out and shoot, this is a great start.

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The Nikon Coolpix L340 digital camera is a high-end budget camera best for those upgrading from a point-and-shoot camera or hobbyists interested in a good starting place.

The L340 lacks manual control over shutter speed and aperture, but makes up for it in easy to use, comprehensive scene modes that fit just about every occasion.

In the bundle, it comes with everything you need to get started and to maintain your investment.

nikon l340 review

However, even with these assets, is it the right camera for you?

Here we break down all the good and the bad, so you can make the best buying decision, or keep on shopping for the perfect fit.

Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera: The Details


  • Weight: 15.2 oz (430 g)
  • How many megapixels: 20.2 MP
  • Internal memory: Approximately 43 MB
  • Flash Type: Pop-up flash
  • Display Size: 3 inches
  • Display Resolution: 460K dots
  • Optical Zoom: 28x
  • Viewfinder Type: None
  • HD Video Quality: 720p


  • 32 Gigabyte SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card
  • Xtech 4 AA High Capacity 2950mah Batteries with Rapid Charger
  • Xtech Full Size 50” Tripod with case
  • SD USV Memory Card Reader
  • Xtech Well Padded Digital Camera Carrying Case with Neck Strap and Belt Loop
  • Xtech Universal Memory Card Wallet
  • Xtech Flexible Mini Table Tripod
  • Xtech Lens Care and Cleaning Kit
  • Xtech LCD Screen Protectors


Color Balance

The camera comes with automated processes that take the confusion and hassle out of shooting quick, beautiful pictures.

One such function is the “white balance” configuration that comes in seven different modes: auto, cloudy, daylight, flash, fluorescent, incandescent, and white balance pre-set.

This keeps your photos from turning out too dark or washed out, and the different functions make it easy to adjust when shooting in different environments.

Fast Shooting Times

Shutter speed is also automated for this camera. It can be anywhere from 1 second to 1/1500th of a second.

It can also be extended to a full 4 seconds if the shooting mode is set to “fireworks,” in which a longer exposure is needed to capture more light in the dark.

Continuous shooting speed (at full resolution) is up to 4 shots at 1 frame per second.

Also built in is a self-timer for shots in which you’d also like to be a part of. This makes it easy for you to get that picture shot of your squad without the awkward arm in the photo.

nikon coolpix l340

Scene Modes

While the Nikon Coolpix L340 automatically controls the shutter speed, as well as the aperture and focus, it does come with “scene modes”.

These scene modes are preset specifications best suited for particular shots.

Modes include: portrait, party/indoor, beach/snow, landscape, sunset, night portrait, night landscape, close up, fireworks, museum, multiple exposures, copy, back light auto, sports, dusk/dawn.

Each is preselected with a flash setting, a shutter speed, an aperture, and a focus for best results.

High Levels of Zoom

On top of 20.2 MP quality, this camera can zoom in to 28x.

While you can zoom in completely, it can affect the quality of the picture, but this is a result shared by most cameras, save for those specially designed for long distance shots.

Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera Review

The Positives

Quick and Easy to Use

The Nikon Coolpix L340 is fast and easy to use with little hassle or fiddling with the controls in order to get a nice, clean, and beautiful shot.

It makes taking photos in fast changing environments effective or simply takes out the work when you want to be focused on the experience as you capture the moments.

The automatic functions and shooting modes remove the guess work, aided by the fact the LCD screen shows what you’re about to capture so you won’t miss that perfect shot over a bit of mishandling with your tech.

High Level and Effective Auto Abilities

The auto settings will capture just about any shot you want to take, though handling the white balance and scene modes will give you more control and likely lead to a closer outcome of what you might’ve wanted.

For example, using the “cloudy” white balance mode and “portrait” mode to take close-up pictures at a picnic outdoors on a cloudy day will result in a higher quality image, rather than using automatic for both.

To get a similar result using auto may take more time, either by shooting many pictures or by making the adjustments by hand in Photoshop.

Comprehensive Bundle

Whether the bundle is purchased for a friend or for yourself, it has everything you need to start with, from a carrying case to cleaning supplies.

nikon coolpix l340 review

While it doesn’t come with a neck strap for the camera itself (only attached to the carrying case), it’s better to get the right neck strap than the cheapest for a nice fit that will be comfortable.

Quality Pictures

For most people, even some professionals, you only need about 10-20 megapixels when it comes to the quality of photos your camera can take.

The Nikon Coolpix L340, being on the higher end at 20.2 MP, is more than sufficient for whatever your needs.

While you may hear of more being better, there’s little to no need for the average user to go beyond 20 megapixels.

Professionals that do, will often require bigger digital images in order for a picture to be of a high quality even when it’s cropped. This technique is mostly used for commercial photography, however.

Customer Service

It can be annoying when it’s hard to get a hold of customer service when you come across an issue or question. It can be even more annoying if your questions are never answered.

Fortunately this camera is backed by a customer service team that cares. Their customer service is reported to be helpful, friendly, and efficient, so you can get your questions and concerns resolved asap.

Shipment on this camera is also really fast and on-time so you can start shooting quicker and start getting those quality photos in your albums sooner.


One of the best things about this camera (apart from it taking quality photos) is the price.

Those not looking to spend a fortune on a super professional camera, or those just looking to dip their toes into the photography pool won’t have to dig into their savings to get quality photos.

Given that purchasing all the accessories included with this camera separately would bring a hefty bill, it’s a great bargain.

This video shows what the Nikon Coolpix L340 looks like out of the box.

The Negatives

No Connectivity

This camera is not equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings as other digital cameras may be. Uploading will require a USB connection to a computer or laptop.

While it lacks this bit of convenience, those not looking to share their photos right this moment won’t be too bothered.

Low Quality Video

Like many digital cameras, the Nikon Coolpix L340 camera comes with a video recording feature. However, the quality is only 720p, not the new standard 1080p for full HD quality.

If you’re looking for a camera to do double duty with both high-quality photos and video, you might be disappointed, however, if its just photos you’re after, you’ll be just fine.

Not Particularly Compatible for the U.S.

This camera bundle is considered “international” and is not made in mind specifically for American consumers.

Chargers, AC adapters, and other accessories and functions may differ depending on the country of origin.

Little Control or Customization

For those seeking a camera that lets you tailor the details for your tastes, this may not be the best for you. The lens is attached and cannot be replaced.

Artistic or experimental shots will be harder to create or capture as this camera is better suited towards daily use rather than professional, use due to the inability to manually adjust the aperture or the shutter speed.

nikon coolpix l340

While the automatic functions on the camera work well, the lack of precise control can be a big drawback to some.

Though those just looking to get started,  occasional photographers and those just looking for a trusty camera to take on a trip, won’t be too affected by this drawback.

Confusing Warranty

Even though their customer service is top-notch, the warranty offered with this camera is a little tricky to understand – if it comes with a warranty at all.

Some customers have reported that their warranty expired in just a few months, while others had to purchase their warranty altogether.

This can be disappointing as it’s much more comfortable to invest in a product that’s backed by their company through a warranty.

That being said, should you come across a problem, their customer service will advise you in the best way the can.

Overall Verdict

This is not going to be a worthy investment for those interested in pursuing photography professionally or on a more serious level.

The lack of control or customization will feel lacking to those who wish to have that more hands-on control and experience with their cameras.

However, the Nikon Coolpix L340 is the best digital camera for the price.

For a cheap digital option, it comes with all the bells and whistles: tripod, extra memory, high quality capture, automatic functions, scene modes, video, and a cleaning kit.

This bundle would be best recommended to those with a serious passion for photography, hobbyists, and those that just wish to capture memories with a quality camera.

With the resolution of the pictures, the video function, and modes for customization over your shots, those with the intent of smaller use won’t find it lacking at all.

Where to Buy the Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera

Nikon is a brand that has been around for ages and has become a trusted ‘go-to’ brand for those interested in taking quality photos and videos.

While other Nikon cameras can be costly, the Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera gives those on a budget the chance to practice their photography skills and capture high-quality photos for their memories.

There’s no doubt that this camera is a sweet deal, and backed by the Nikon name, it’s no surprise that this camera isn’t too hard to find in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, this camera is also available on Amazon.

nikon coolpix l340

That’s it for our Nikon Coolpix L340 review. Tempted to give it a shot?


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