National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel Review

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National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel Rated
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction Quality
  • Versatility
  • Value for Money
  • Smoothness of Rotation


The National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel is super sturdy and durable.

The affordable price tag doesn’t mean it skips out on quality being built to withstand and last.

It’s small diameter does means that it would be best suited for smaller pieces or for those who are starting out in the world of sculpting and crafting.

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The National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel is really great for finishing pottery, working on small sculptures, or craft projects where 360 degrees of access is really necessary.

With the help of this wheel, you won’t have to pick up your projects; you can just turn them and work from all angles.

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Though it does spin, it is a banding wheel and not a traditional potter’s wheel. Though it could be used as a pottery wheel for beginners who are hoping to focus more on creating “pinched pots” or sculptures that are moulded by hand, rather than thrown.

If you are looking for the best cheap sculpting wheel for your money, this may be the banding wheel you seek.

It is built out of really durable parts, like metal and thick rubber, which means it should stay in good shape for several years.

It’s a really great fit for beginning sculptors who are hoping to build their skills without breaking the bank, and a great addition to any crafter’s set of tools.

That’s just the beginning. We’ve outlined everything we loved, and some of the things we didn’t, in this review.

National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel: The Details


  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7.4 x 4.7 inches
  • Wheel Head Size: 7 inches in diameter
  • Warranty: No warranty but National Artcraft do state that they stand by their products. So if something is faulty, you will want to contact them about finding a solution to any problem you encounter.


This wheel is very sturdy and durable. Made of metal, it is likely going to last for quite a while.

The tabletop is made of a lighter metal and the base is much heavier, so it provides a sturdy base that avoids any annoying wobbling.

This sculpting wheel is also a good size to be used on a variety of surfaces and surface heights. You can easily set it on a table, high or low, and work with your project at whatever level you prefer.

At 3 to 31/4 inches, the wheel is made at a reasonable height to effortlessly get your hands underneath the wheel to move or turn. It can be adapted to your needs, whether you like to sit or stand as you work.

We really loved this, because it can be tough to be on your feet for hours at a time as you work on a sculpting or crafting project.


This wheel does not come with any additional accessories, but that is mostly due to the fact that this model is intended to be used for crafting and sculpting projects, and is spun by hand.

It does not require any motorized components and it cannot be used with a foot pedal.

Spinning by hand also allows you complete control of your vantage point.

National Artcraft does offer sculpting tools with aluminum handles and steel blades, but you have to buy them separately.


Heavy-Duty Ball Bearings

The ball bearings on the National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel make for a really smooth spin.

It’s super easy to determine how much effort needs to be put into moving and turning a sculpture or anything else you might be working on, like a cake or floral arrangement.

The bearings should rotate with ease and you shouldn’t have any problems with jumping or the wheel getting stuck.

The table top is really secure; it doesn’t lift up or shift when spinning, so you can be confident that your work won’t topple or fall as you spin it. The spin is also well-centred, making sure its even and fluid when turning.

If you order this wheel, it should come well-oiled, so you can get crafting right away, but don’t be afraid to add a little extra throughout your time with it.

Non-Skid Rubber Base

The rubber base on this wheel provides extra stability for your projects.

The weight from the metal base and table top are great at providing balance and security as you work, and the rubber base keeps the wheel centred and anchored right in place.

All in all, these features perfectly complement each other, so you don’t have to worry about your wheel moving as you work.

There’s only one little issue with the rubber at times; it can have a bit of an odour when you first start using the wheel.

As for the table top, if you are using clay, you can be sure that it won’t skid off.

Weighted Rim

The extra weight on the rim of this model helps give just a touch of additional momentum when the table top is spun.

It is really helpful if you want to do a full turn of your project, because you can just lightly turn the wheel and doesn’t immediately lose momentum.

Table Top With Concentric Circles

The concentric circles can be used as a guide to make sure your sculpture or craft project really is at the centre of the table top.

It can also be used to eyeball measurements and get an idea of how big or small different projects are, as long as you keep the seven-inch diameter of the table top in mind.

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Can Handle The Pressure

While the compact design makes it versatile and convenient, don’t let the petite structure fool you.

The sculpting wheel can manage weights of up to 40 pounds so you won’t have to worry too much about what you put on it.

With such a durable build you won’t have to fret about the weight of your project hindering the performance of the wheel.

National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel Review

The Positives


Because this National Artcraft wheel is turned by hand, it can be used on a ton of different crafting projects. Sculpting is just the beginning.

If you like to work on floral arrangements, cake decorating, or model-painting, this wheel can make your craft projects so much easier.


This wheel can be moved throughout your home, since four pounds isn’t too heavy to carry around.

It can also be taken to a class or art studio with ease.This helps strengthen the versatility of this banding wheel.

Since you don’t have to go to the wheel to craft, you can bring the wheel with you wherever you need it, including in a spray booth, where you can ensure full paint coverage of your craft projects.

This pottery wheel is quick to clean making it easy to grab and go. If you want to make it easier, simply add some parchment paper to avoid having to clean out any nooks.

Made of High Grade Materials

While this wheel comes in at an affordable price, National Artcraft doesn’t skimp on quality.

The sculpting wheel is made of high quality material on both the top and base so you won’t be sacrificing quality for price.

This includes using top grade heavy cast metal that’s pretty much indestructible giving this cheap sculpting wheel a touch of promise and durability.

The materials used requires no rust maintenance so say you so happen to, we don’t know, leave your wheel outside in the rain, you’ll be fine.

Smooth Operator 

Though we mention the use of heavy metal, the wheel spins quietly so you won’t be distracted by any screeching or rumbles when working.

Thanks to such a sturdy and durable build, the wheel has a smooth rotation making working on even really intricate designs that much easier.

Compact Design

Because it’s a petite wheel, it can be stored in a small space or set on a table without much issue.

You won’t need to worry about it shifting or wobbling, because of the sturdy build, which is really great when you don’t want to worry about your crafting surface.

The size of this wheel can be both a positive and a negative, as we cover in the next section.


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The Negatives

No Warranty

But, that being said, National Artcraft has been in business for 50 years and they state on their website that they stand by all the products they sell.

There’s always some peace of mind when a company has been in business for decades.

It’s Small

The table top on this wheel is a little over half a foot in diameter, so it is best suited for small to mid-sized crafting/sculpting projects.

Though it’s the perfect size for beginner projects (think bowls, mugs, or small cakes), if you are looking to work on larger sculpting projects, this may not be the right fit.

The Rubber Bottom Can Be Scent Heavy

Like many other plastic products, the rubber bottom of this wheel can have a bit of an odor fresh out of the box.

It’s not overwhelming, so long as the room you keep the wheel in is well-ventilated.


This can be a pro or a con for those using this wheel.

It becomes a con when the wheel spins slower for those who are more accustomed to motorized wheels or for those looking for a throwing wheel.

Again, this is much more geared towards beginners, decorators, or those looking to sculpt slower by hand. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then carry on.

Overall Verdict

This sculpting wheel is a sturdy and built-to-last little tool that would be perfect for beginning sculptors or sculptors who work with smaller pieces.

The wheel comes with an affordable price tag that meets professional standards with high quality and heavy duty materials that are durable without sacrificing performance.

It’s also great for children who are interested in starting to explore the art of sculpting, especially if their parents want to avoid cheaply made wheels.

If you are looking for a good, solid banding wheel that can serve a lot of different functions, then look no further, the National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel is for you.

However, if you need something for larger products or feel uneasy about the lack of warranty, then it’s wise to keep searching.

Where to Buy the National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel

The National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel may require a little extra searching to locate.

For starters, they can be found at the following online locations:

But of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

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That’s all for our review on the National Artcraft Sculpting Wheel. Tempted to give it a spin?


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