9 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners of 2020

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Are you looking for the best electric pencil sharpener? We’ve got you covered.

A lot of people don’t understand the value of an electric pencil sharpener, but anyone who subjects their pencils to heavy use will know just how important they are.

We’ve compiled this huge guide to them, as well as letting you in on our favorite models for 2020.

Let’s get right into it…

Why Choose an Electric Pencil Sharpener?

A little bit lazy? Maybe.

But there’s no shame in using an electric pencil sharpener.

best electric pencil sharpener

In fact they are supremely practical, and they sure save time when you’ve got a whole ton of pencils to sharpen.

Not only that but they prevent your fingers and hands from getting sore like they would with a manual pencil sharpener, plus they ensure that you always have an evenly balanced, sharp pencil to hand whenever you need one.

Electric pencil sharpeners are the ideal solution for home, school or office use.

How Does an Electric Pencil Sharpener Work?

Either battery or mains operated, an electric pencil sharpener works using the same basic principles as a manual pencil sharpener, but without the effort.

heavy duty electric pencil sharpener

They contain a blade which cuts away the wood from the end of a pencil to sharpen it, but unlike manual pencils sharpeners where the rotary action required to turn the pencil is provided by hand, electric ones contain a motor inside that causes the blade itself to spin quickly whilst the pencil remains in place, sharpening it quickly and efficiently.

The blade and motor of an electric pencil sharpener are housed within an exterior casing, part of which is usually a container which collects the wooden pencil shavings as they are cut away from the point of the pencil.

This container can then be removed and emptied into the trash without any mess.

Easy peasy.

Wanna find out more?

Let’s go inside…

What Makes the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener?

An electric pencil sharpener is a fairly simple tool, but there are nevertheless important things to consider when choosing one.

Here are some of the features that contribute to the best products.


These devices may be small, but they nevertheless contain a razor sharp cutting blade which is turned at speed by a motor, so the best electric pencil sharpeners have safety features such as switches that turn off the motor as soon as the shavings tray is removed, to prevent injury to delicate fingers.


Tiny motors don’t necessarily mean tiny sounds, and some electric pencil sharpeners make more of a noise than others which can be disturbing or annoying for you or the people around you.

An electric pencil sharpener with a motor which runs quietly will ensure you can shave pencils for hours without getting on anybody’s nerves.

electric pencil sharpener


Just like people, pencils come in all shapes and sizes, and one size doesn’t fit all.

A good electric pencil sharpener should have a choice of holes of different diameters to accommodate all types of pencil.


Ideally, you want one made using sturdy materials such as metal, and with features such as replaceable cutting blades that are built to last, and will last you for years to come.


Nobody wants a mess of wood shavings spilling out all over the place.

The best electric pencil sharpener will have an easily removable compartment to efficiently collect all those pesky shavings and transfer them safely to the trash.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

AFMAT Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener

best electric pencil sharpener

This super fast electric pencil sharpener sharpens pencils to perfection in under 5 seconds.

Measuring 6.5 x 3.9 x 3 inches, this smart device features 3 different sharpening settings, and will automatically stop when pencils are sharpened to the desired length of point.

This is a great safety feature, along with the motor cut-off function if the shavings collection box is removed, and it’s a good thing too, as the razor sharp helical blade is capable of sharpening 6000 times before it needs replacing.

Rubber feet ensure that the sharpener stays firmly in place during use and is powered by an AC adaptor.


  • Durable for heavy use — perfect for professionals
  • Attractive design
  • Very effective
  • Super fast
  • Small footprint
  • Doesn’t slide around during sharpening
  • Choice of sharpening settings


  • Not suitable for use with sketching pencils
  • Sharpening setting switch is a little flimsy and can be changed accidentally

electric pencil sharpener

PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

electric pencil sharpener amazon
This high quality electric pencil sharpener from PowerMe can sharpen both regular and color pencils and guarantees to sharpen them to the perfect point every time within 3 seconds.

This is thanks to the rotating spiral drill design stainless steel blades which are guaranteed to sharpen thousands of times before wearing out.

An auto stop safety feature prevents the sharpener from being used when the lid is removed.

The transparent shavings container allows you to easily see when it needs to be emptied, and this electric pencil sharpener also boasts a handy anti-jam feature which automatically releases pencils should they get stuck.


  • Large shavings container takes a long time to fill
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality construction
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Gives great results
  • Reliable and durable
  • Very fast
  • Suitable for artist pencils
  • Great price


  • Pushing the pencils in too aggressively, too far could cause the device to malfunction
  • Battery power only

electric pencil sharpener

OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener

heavy duty electric pencil sharpener

The battery powered OfficePro is a heavy duty electric pencil sharpener that benefits from a high quality helical stainless steel cutting blade for precision sharpening of most types of pencil every time — even those with hard leads.

The lightweight, slim design is easy on the eyes, feels comfortable in the hand and fits easily into a bag for transportation.

Kids will love using the OfficePro electric pencil sharpener, and they can do so without cause to worry thanks to the auto stop safety features which stop the motor as soon as the pencil is correctly sharpened, as well as if the shavings container is opened.


  • Good safety features
  • Top quality sharpener
  • Sharpens in mere seconds
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Effective with most types of pencil
  • Easily portable
  • Shavings container can be emptied easily
  • Reliable


  • Battery power only
  • Can sometimes clog – be patient!

electric pencil sharpener

X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

x acto electric pencil sharpener
Thanks to its powerful brand name, the X Acto Electric Pencil Sharpener is one of the most popular products on this list.

It can sharpen 6 different pencil sizes with ease thanks to the quiet yet powerful motor that drives a helical stainless steel blade, and cuts out automatically as soon as pencils are sharpened to a safely rounded point safe for kids.

If the X-Acto sharpener is in danger of overheating, the auto reset function also stops the motor from functioning, as does removal of the shavings container.

Strong construction using quality components guarantee that this electric pencil sharpener will last for years of heavy use. Comes supplied with an AC cable.


  • Powerful motor
  • Packed with safety features
  • Ideal for long term, heavy use
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Practical, large transparent container for shavings
  • Perfect for pencils of all different dimensions
  • Motor is very quiet


  • Less effective when sharpening colored pencils

electric pencil sharpener

School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener

best electric pencil sharpener

The neat black exterior of the School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener measures just 5.5 x 3.75 x 7.75 inches. so it has a super small and compact footprint on your desk — ideal if you’re low on space or intend to travel with it.

With a contemporary design and sturdy structure that can handle long term heavy use, this electric pencil sharpener benefits from a clever auto stop feature that stops sharpening as soon as pencil have the perfect point.

The sharpening container is transparent so it’s easy to see when it is full, and can be removed with ease when it needs to be emptied. Comes with an AC cable.


  • Useful auto stop feature
  • Reliable
  • Solid and long-wearing construction
  • Consistently sharpens pencils to an even point
  • Works well with different kinds of pencil
  • Particularly popular with teachers and schools


  • Runs quite loud
  • Can occasionally overheat and shut off

electric pencil sharpener

Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

electric pencil sharpener

For an electric pencil sharpener with such a generously sized shavings tray, the Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener is surprisingly compact, making it practical for both home and office use.

For added safety, the motor cuts out the instant the shaving tray is removed for emptying, so there’s no risk of fingers accidentally getting cut.

The special metal cutting blade inside the Bostitch electric sharpener sharpens pencils up to 65% faster and lasts for up to 4 times longer than a regular blade, plus the internal motor is powerful enough to sharpen even the toughest pencils without stalling.


  • Convenient compact design
  • Large capacity shavings container doesn’t need to be frequently emptied
  • Affordable price
  • Sharpens quickly
  • Stays in place when in use
  • Shavings compartment is easy to empty
  • Works well with colored pencils
  • Sharpens to a fine point


  • Doesn’t fit all sizes of pencil
  • Feels a little flimsier than the more expensive models on this list

electric pencil sharpener

BENGOO Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

cheap electric pencil sharpener

Specifically designed for the classroom and easy to operate, the BENGOO electric pencil sharpener can be powered either by USB cable or double AA batteries, making it portable as well as powerful.

Measuring a mere 3.54 x 1.65 x 3.03 inches in size, this dinky pencil sharpener boasts a space saving design, a flat blade with full 360° rotation to cut pencil tips to a fine point in under 5 seconds, and will automatically stop sharpening as soon as pressure on the pencil is released. In addition, the motor cuts out immediately if the shavings tray is removed for cleaning.

Non slip pads on the base ensure that the BENGOO Classroom Electric Durable and Portable Pencil Sharpener won’t slip around while pencils are being sharpened.


  • Choice of power sources
  • Very small, lightweight and portable
  • Good safety features
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Motor runs quietly
  • Stylish design


  • Shavings container fills up quickly
  • Motor can sometimes stall

electric pencil sharpener

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor

best electric pencil sharpener

Solid and durable, the LINKYO electric pencil sharpener features a rotating helical blade design that can effectively and evenly sharpen pencils up to 3000 times.

A sensor inside the sharpener detects when pencils have the optimum point and turns off the motor to prevent unnecessary over-sharpening. I

f your pencil should jam — don’t panic — just press down on the pencil and the auto anti jam release function will free the pencil in an instant.

The practical vertical design takes up less space on your desk, and the super sized shavings bin can hold shavings from up to 100 pencils before emptying is required.


  • Powerful motor
  • Handy anti-jam feature stops pencils getting stuck
  • Clever auto stop sensor
  • Small footprint
  • Works effectively with both regular and colored pencils
  • Practical clear plastic shavings bin
  • Well made and durable


  • Larger pencils don’t fit
  • Can be a little unstable due to vertical design and small footprint

electric pencil sharpener

BOOCOSA Pencil Sharpener

heavy duty electric pencil sharpener

Another heavy duty electric pencil sharpener, the BOOCOSA is safe to use for kids and adults alike thanks to an auto stop safety feature that cuts out the motor if the shavings tray is emptied, and will also automatically stop when pencils are perfectly sharp.

Designed to stand up to hard use, this sturdy sharpener also benefits from a large capacity shavings tray, a motor mighty enough to drive the steel cutter blade at high speed, and can be powered using the supplied USB cable or with battery power — giving it added portability.


  • Hard wearing
  • Very user friendly
  • Ideal for kids
  • Useful auto stop feature prevents wastage
  • Good for sharpening all types of pencil
  • Nicely weighted to prevent movement during use
  • Portable
  • Choice of mains or battery power


  • Shavings tray can sometimes be tricky to open
  • Auto stop can be inconsistent

electric pencil sharpener

Which do you think is the best electric pencil sharpener?


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