LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver Review

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LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver Rated
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Craft Schmaft Verdict

The LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver is great for new or occasional crafters, looking to experiment with a wide variety of basic materials.

While advanced users may lose their patience with this machine, it’s an affordable machine that’s great for those looking to start tackling the world of engraving.

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The LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to laser engraving. Simple to operate, and working with the most prevalent materials, this laser engraving tool does everything it can to make this hobby accessible to everyone.

Features to really look out for are the lack of a platform, as well as the safety screens enveloping this LEEPRA laser. The latter is especially useful for those who don’t feel ready to fully commit and get all of the necessary accessories.

leepra laser engraver review

Not having a platform (or bottom) to this machine opens up a range of possibilities for those who feel ready to take their craft a step further.

Since this machine is intended for beginners, there is, of course, the question of how intriguing it can remain for those who become more serious about their craft.

While a great way to get started, advanced users will not be impressed by the limited range of materials this machine operates well with. But is that truly a reason to scrap this laser engraver from your wish list?

We have all the details lined up, so be sure to continue reading and find out everything there is to know about this machine.

LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15.5 x 14 centimeters.
  • Plate Size: 3 x 3 inches.
  • Stand-Out Feature: Bottomless and plastic screens for eye protection.


Basic Materials

Made for beginners or those who already know what materials they prefer, the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver can handle the basic essentials with ease.

Including wood, leather, and plastic among the most engraved materials, you will find these are where the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver excels.

This is perfect for the beginner who just wants a sample of what is possible, or for the pro who has already figured out which material has captured their heart.

Eye Safety

Working with lasers have never been said to be a 100% safe endeavor. While most machines do at least encourage you to use goggles during the process, the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver has taken it a step further by simply ensuring that you won’t need to involve goggles at all.

The colored glass surrounding it makes for a safer work environment and means that it’s less dangerous for young children to move around and observe.

While this doesn’t mean you can now encourage children or animals to play in the same room while you’re crafting, it does significantly reduce the number of potential accidents.


While the work area itself may feel small, the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver does have one trick up its sleeve that most larger engraving machines never consider.

best engraving machine

By working without a bottom (or platform) to the machine, it is possible to move your engraver on top of a large object and engrave that way.

All in all, that means working on bigger projects (although progress will be slow) or introducing accent details on large pieces of furniture or accessories.

Program Included

This engraving machine comes with its own program included on a USB stick, so be sure that your laptop can handle it.

While it is supported on all Windows systems, you won’t be having much success with a Mac computer or other, lesser-known systems.

It also supports the most well-known file types such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, and BMP. If you happen to find a cool design in a different type, it’s easy to transform it into a JPEG online, so there’s no need to worry on that account.

Basics Included

Since the LEEPRA Purple Mini wants to be the best engraving machine for beginners, it comes with everything included to ensure you get started correctly.

The added accessories are sure to help you on your way, without being overwhelming; a good match for the engraver who doesn’t have much space to spare.

  • 1 x laser engraver.
  • 1 x USB disk.
  • 1 x screwdriver.
  • 4 x screws.
  • 4 x screw caps.
  • 1 x power cord.
  • 1 x USB cable.
  • 2 x wooden board.
  • 2 x paperboard.
  • 1 x protective lens.
  • 1 x manual.

LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver Review

The Positives

Controlled Laser Focus

Have you worked on a piece, only to find out the intensity wasn’t strong enough? Or were you hoping for a vaguer imprint? Never fear. With the intensity knob, you can adjust the amount of detail in your print while working.

This is a great feature for when you’re still getting the hang of how to fine-tune your prints, so be sure to give it a shot.

Users have said that this engraver also performs more powerfully than others of its kind, ensuring your prints pop instead of being washed out.

LEEPRA laser engraver review


Sometimes you want to try out a new hobby, but lack the space to commit to a large piece of equipment.

Luckily, good things can come in small packages that can fit pretty much anywhere. The Purple Mini comes in an easy-to-handle compact size, making it a convenient device to have for those short on room in a workspace, apartment, or office.

This makes the LEEPRA Purple Mini easy to store or showcase when the opportunity calls for it. It won’t hog all the room on your desk or counter, and it will be easy to find a spot for it to be tucked away.

Cooling Fan and Safety Features 

Electric components are fragile enough, never mind when they’re being heated over and over again. In order to enhance the shelf life of your mini laser engraver, the internal fan will ensure that you get more out of your investment.

This fan ensures that your engraver won’t overheat, causing delays or a stall to your projects. It’s also great for blowing away smoke from engraving materials like wood.

This in combination with the green plastic screen shows that the manufacturer has put thought into making this product a safe one, which is especially important when working with new hobbyists, especially children.


A big appeal to this Mini Engraver is its price point. Priced at under two-hundred dollars on Amazon, this machine won’t cause your wallet to suffer.

Included in the price is everything you need to get started, so eager crafters can try out their new device right away.

Thanks to its affordable price, those who are curious about engraving can try the hobby without committing to an expensive machine, while occasional crafters on a budget can save their cash for more material.


Speaking of material, for such a small, affordable machine, it’s pretty versatile. You have an array of materials to choose from with this machine including bamboo, leather, and ox horn.

LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver

Thanks to its power the Purple Mini makes it easy for crafters to get creative with their designs on an array of materials.

While you may need a heftier machine to take on stronger materials, this engraver is great for practicing and getting a lot of the basics down pact.

The Negatives

A Limit to Materials

While it surely has the basics covered, you won’t have a lot of room left for experimentation once you’ve gone over the list of materials that play well with this engraver.

This might be fine for the casual hobbyist, but if you have a taste for more, you’ll find yourself looking at more complicated machines rather quickly.

While this mini engraver can surely be used to teach others about engraving, if you already know this will become a serious hobby, or perhaps business, it may be wise to invest in an advanced machine right from the beginning –  one that plays well with a greater variety of materials.

Shallow Etching

Since the machine is rather small and doesn’t have that much space left for a powerful laser, you’ll find that most etches don’t go quite that deep.

This isn’t likely to disturb most beginners, but those who are serious about this craft will soon find themselves wanting more.

Slow Performance

Since this is an inexpensive machine, made to be more basic, it can take some time for your project to be completed. This all depends on your project though, as bigger projects will take much longer to complete.

While this won’t be a bother to new or occasional hobbyists, those looking to grow quickly in their craft, or more advanced users, may lose their patience with this machine.

Still, while it may be slower than some other machines in its class, it still performs with power.

best engraving machine

Overall Verdict

In conclusion of our LEEPRA Purple review, we are happy to note that this is possibly the best engraving machine for those who want to have a taste of this hobby, without immediately jumping into the deep-end.

By offering a chance to work with the most common materials, it’s easy to figure out where your interests really lie.

The smaller working space also means there is less pressure on you to find a larger project, while the bottomless feature gives you the chance to embellish greater objects if you want to brighten things up.

Despite all these features, it is obvious that the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver is mostly intended for beginners or for introducing others to the wonders of laser engraving.

If you’re seeking a more intense approach to this hobby, you might be happier to keep on the lookout for a secondhand model with more features as a supplement to this one.

Nonetheless, if you’re happy with this remaining an occasional hobby or a quick asset for creating a gift, this is certainly the machine for you.

Where to Buy the LEEPRA Purple Mini Laser Engraver

LEEPRA is a brand that’s definitely overshadowed by other experts in the market; their brand presence is quite minimum though, making products like the Purple Mini Laser Engraver easily overlooked despite great reviews from customers.

While this brand may not be as popular as others in the printing field, they’ve managed to make this engraver with success. That being said, since this brand is a smaller one, the Purple Mini will prove hard to find both in-store and online.

Though it’s always best to check tech, department, and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search by checking Amazon.

LEEPRA purple review

That’s all for our LEEPRA Laser Engraver review. Tempted to give it a try?


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