How to Decorate Cake Pops

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Whether you roll them by hand or use a mold, adding the final touch to your batch of cake pops is what really wows your friends and family.

cake pops

Decorating these tasty treats can be not only simple, but fun too!

Need some ideas?

Oreo Cake Pops

  1. Follow your favorite recipe to make your typical cake pop.
  2. Open an Oreo cookie and crush it into crumbles.
  3. Dip the top of your cake pop into warmed chocolate, and then coat with the Oreo crumble.

One of the beautiful parts of choosing such a delicious and simple cake pop is that you have unlimited reign over how you can decorate them!

With this base, you can dip your cake pop into chocolate again and then decorate with sprinkles, candy, or other cookie crumbs.

Some popular choices trending on social media are:

  • White chocolate with rainbow sprinkles
  • White chocolate with chocolate sprinkles
  • Dark or milk chocolate with white sprinkles

Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

These are great for kid parties or baby showers!

By choosing a character, you’re sure to impress the little ones, while also giving yourself freedom to mix-match your color schemes and flavors.

You’ll need to pick your color schemes by purchasing the correlating candy melts.

  1. For a more girly, peppy feel, you will want pastel pink, white, and basic milk chocolate. Pair with white or pink bow-shaped candies.
  2. For a more simplistic style, consider dark or basic milk chocolate against pink candies.
  3. For a cartoon look, a darker pink and basic milk chocolate will be all you need with some bow candies.
  4. Then bring a bit of Mickey Mouse into the mix by using red and black melts. Pair with gold bow-shaped candies.

cake pops

To make these concepts into reality, wedge two non-melted, milk chocolate candies on the head to make ears. Then simply dip and roll your cake pop through your melted pink candies.

Once dry, dip the top half into a bowl of melted milk chocolate. Before it dries, carefully place one of your bow-shaped candies between the ears and voila!

To add a few more embellishments, placing simple white polka dots on the pink bow would be a lovely girly touch.

Seasonal Cake Pops

As the weather gets cooler and the holidays roll around, seasonal cake pops will surely make it onto your social media feeds.

Cinnamon apple, white chocolate, pumpkin spice, and red velvet cake pops are all flavors that come to mind when thinking of autumn.

Once you’ve decided the flavor you want, the next step is how to decorate your cake pops.

From mummies to snowmen and bats to Christmas ornaments, there are dozens of ways to make a statement with your desserts.


  • Eyeballs
  • Ghosts
  • Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas


  • Turkeys
  • Pumpkins
  • Scarecrows


  • Snowman
  • Santa
  • Presents (if you aren’t afraid to give square cake pops a try)

Here’s a video showing how to decorate your cake pops like santa!

Tips and Hacks on How to Decorate Cake Pops

No matter what you decide to make of your masterpiece, here are a few things to keep in mind as you go forward:

  1. The shape of your cake pop can open the door to all kinds of designs.
  2. Chocolate candy melts might dry faster than you expect.
  3. You can’t go wrong with a simple, colorful drizzle or some sprinkles.
  4. Not all cake pops have to make your sweet tooth hurt! Doing a rendition of a pecan pie with crushed pecans on top can create a delicious pop that has a twist.
  5. After you dip your cake pop into the melted chocolate or frosting of your choice, gently twirling it will provide even coverage without creating a messy trail down the pop stick.
  6. If you wiggle the stick too much while decorating and loosen the hole it’s in, you can fill the gap with some melted chocolate.

how to make cake pops

But How Do You Display Your Cake Pop Art?

You’re taking your world famous dessert to a family dinner and there isn’t much room on the designated sweets table.

You also want them to stand out among all of the other wonderful choices. But how are you going to do that?

Well, let’s think about what the occasion is first. If you’re at a birthday party, square-shaped foam from a crafts store is perfect; stick your cake pops into the block to create a unique present-like display.

If you are attending a Christmas party, show you’re in the festive mood by using cone-shaped foam to create a tree-like display.

And if there’s no real occasion – you just want to share your labors with your friends and family – fill a cute, decorative jar or pot with a colorful candy and stand them up in the mix.

Have you tried making your own cake pops?


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