Fancierstudio Heat Press Review

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Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press Rated
  • Print Quality
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

The small list of cons aside, the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press is a solid, durable, machine that’s easy to use and compact.

It’s affordable, adding to the reasons why it’s a great choice for beginners and new crafters.

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Whether you’re using a heat press professionally or for fun, finding one that does everything you need is tricky, especially if you are new to this.

Since you’re spending over $100 on any of your choices, you want to make sure it is going to fulfill all its beneficial claims. The Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press might just be the heat press you’re seeking.

best heat press

With it’s high temperature range, it’s small footprint, and its durability, the Fancierstudio press seems like a dream come true.

But, there have been some complaints of presses arriving broken, smoking while in use, and residue being left behind on the final product.

Should that scare you away, or is that the rare case? Don’t make a decision just yet!

Before you decide, let’s take a closer look so you have all the good, bad, and interesting facts necessary to make this heat press yours – or to keep shopping.

Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 inches.
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Plate Size: 12 x 9 inches.
  • Stand-Out Feature: Swing-away feature.


Swing-Away Heat Press Style

The heating element in this Fancierstudio Press swings away to the side of the machine, which ensures you won’t accidentally get burned when moving whatever you’re working on.

Any kind of built-in safety feature is always a plus in our book.


The bottom (or base plate) of the heat press is lined with silicone gel. This means that whatever you’re placing on it has a cushy surface to rest on during the pressing process.

If you are working with something more rigid than a t-shirt, it also means it won’t break while being pressed either.

fancierstudio heat press review

The top plate (or the heating plate) is coated with Teflon, so you don’t have to worry about whatever you’re transferring becoming stuck to the machine or scorched.

As an added bonus, the press also comes with an extra Teflon sheet that you can put over items being pressed, as an extra precaution.


The temperature on the Fancierstudio press ranges from 0°F to 500°F.

You can control and monitor the temperature during the pressing process on the display near the top of the machine. No need to guess what heat level your press is emitting!

Time Control

You are also in control of how long you press your item. You can set the timer anywhere between 0 and 999 seconds (a little over 16 minutes).

You don’t have to set-up a timer on your phone or constantly check the clock; just check the display right on the press and you’ll know how long you have until your next creation is ready.

Adjustable Pressure

You can also adjust the amount of pressure being applied to each item. This means you can transfer images onto items of different thickness.

Whether you’re putting your favorite logo onto a thin t-shirt, a thicker pair of jeans, or even a tile, you will be able to customize the force necessary to accomplish your goal.

Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press Review

The Positives


Compared to other heat presses on the market, the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press is quite compact and, according to many users, easy to store, even when you don’t have much room.

At only 12 x 9, you can easily find a place (even in the smallest of apartments) to store the heat press when you’re not using it.

It will fit seamlessly in any craft room, and won’t take a world of space in an office setting, perfect whether you plan on using this occasionally, or on a daily basis.

While it’s not the most lightweight, it still won’t take a bodybuilder to move this heat press should you decide to put it away until you need it.

Easy to Use

With the easy-to-read manual, and the clear time and temperature controls on the heat press, the Fancierstudio is quite easy to operate.

Even if this is your first time using a machine of this nature, there isn’t much of a learning curve involved from set-up to first use.

fancierstudio heat press swing away

You simply pick your item and what you want to transfer onto it, plug it in, set your temperature, place everything on the bottom plate, set your time, lower the heat press, and wait for your creation to be finished!

If you’re switching from a different machine, or if this is your first time using a heat press, chances are, you won’t be flustered getting the Fancierstudio to operate.

This also makes this heat press a great machine for beginners, as it won’t be complicated to learn on.

Stable Temperature

Probably one of the most important features of any heat press is that the temperature stays consistent while it’s pressing.

If the temperature changes or otherwise fluctuates during the session, the image could fail in transferring completely, or the machine could scorch your whole project.

That’s not a desired outcome, whether you are doing this for fun or doing this professionally. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that happening with the Fancierstudio Heat Press.

This machine reaches the required heat accurately, and you can ensure your heat press will keep a steady temperature when it does, giving you crafting perfection.

A steady heat along with the included timer also keeps the risk of accidentally burning your project to a minimum.


The Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press is also built to last. When you’re dealing with high heats, you don’t want anything falling apart or failing on you.

This press will hold up to whatever you throw at it and you’ll be able to press a ton of items. Especially if you are using this as part of your business, the machine being durable is one of the most important aspects.

This means you can easily grow with your machine, without worrying about replacing it and shelling out more money anytime soon.


This is a pro that will make any budget crafter or beginner hobbyist filled with joy – you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get going on the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press.

best heat press

For half the price of other machines in its class, the Fancierstudio churns out prints and gets the job done. Since it’s long lasting, you won’t need to spend a lot of money now, or later, when choosing this model.

A warranty is also included should you receive a machine that is malfunctioning or faulty, though its best to get in contact with the company for all the details.

The Negatives

When Life Gives You Lemons

A few users had problems with the heat press ceasing its functionality after only a couple of uses.

While any item you buy will eventually wear out, it should last more than a couple of sessions, especially when Fancierstudio states it is great for professional use.

No business can have a machine that stops working so soon. This can slow down production or put a halt to it altogether.

While this seems to be a minor manufacturing error and you can get a replacement easily, it can be a potential waste of your time, worth considering before you buy.

Do you need it to go full force now, or can you afford a trial period?

Too Small

A couple users also found the press was too small for many objects. You may have to press one item multiple times if it is a bigger shirt or bag to get the whole image transferred.

The heat plate is only 12 x 9 inches, so make sure you take that into account when buying. Will it suit your desired projects?

If you plan on doing small occasional presses, then you won’t have to worry, but if you want to tackle bigger projects, it might be cumbersome in the long run.


There are also a few cases where the plates leave a black residue on the item pressed.

While this may be a user error (the temperature might have been too high and the item was scorched), be aware that this may be an issue.

Check the plates to make sure they are clean when you get the machine and make sure you use the extra Teflon sheet that comes with it.

Push-Down Mechanism

This may be a matter of how strong you are, but a few users complained about the mechanism used to push down the top plate being a little hard to use.

If you have trouble using your arms or have strength issues, this may not be the heat press for you.


There were also a few testers who noticed smoke coming from the heat press while it was in use. This could be very dangerous.

Smoke is never a good sign when it comes to any kind of machine, let alone one that heats up. It would be best to turn off the machine immediately if you have this issue and look to get a replacement.

fancierstudio heat press review

Overall Verdict

After considering all the positive and negative attributes of the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press, we are cautiously recommending it.

With 76% of the reviews on Amazon being five-star, it is clear that this press is doing something right. But we can’t discount the negative experiences that some others have had.

While most of the issues are simply manufacturing errors and can be corrected with a new machine, it takes time to send it back and receive a new one.

However, once you have, your new machine should be in high working order and stand the test of time. It’s easy to operate, works in most spaces, and of course – does an excellent job.

Where to Buy the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press

The Fancierstudio Heat Press has a lot of pros that are appealing to a large number of crafters, allowing this press to grow in popularity, boosting the Fancierstudio name.

That being said, this brand is not yet a household name, and while its best to always check your crafting and specialty stores, it will prove hard to find the Fancierstudio Swing Away Heat Press in-store and online.

To start your search, check out their website.

Fancierstudio (from $129)

But of course, you can also find this heat press on Amazon.

fancierstudio heat press review

That’s all for our Fancierstudio Heat Press review. Tempted to give it a try?


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