Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln Review

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Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln Rated
  • Heating Speed
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

Craft Schmaft Verdict

The Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln is a versatile, well-rounded kiln, perfect for both beginners and professionals alike.

The size is convenient but durable, and the ease of use with this kiln will get you going in no time.

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The Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln was designed with one of the most pressing issues of using a kiln in mind; the need to be able to easily program your kiln and not to spend several hours guarding over your project.

This feature makes the bar lower for beginners looking to get started on working with glass.

Although you can use a variety of materials with this home kiln, most people prefer to use it as a glass firing kiln.

delphi kiln review

But even with this huge plus, no kiln is perfect. Here we break down the nitty gritty of the Delphi Ez Pro to help you decide whether it’s a win – or worth passing by.

Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln: The Details


  • Weight: 80.0 lb
  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 29 x 18.2 inches
  • Maximum Heat: 1700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Size of Heating Chamber: 15″ x 6-1/2″ deep
  • Power Wattage: 15 amp or 120 volts

How Does it Work

Kilns are several millennia old, and have been used for a variety of purposes. They are thermally insulated chambers of various sizes, capable of producing and containing extremely high temperatures.

In the past, they were often used for the making of pottery or other clay objects.

With electric kilns, working mostly with glass or ceramics, you can bring the heat to a lower or higher temperature at will, a luxury that was impossible before kilns became more revolutionized.

The heat is generated by forcing electricity through the coils, and remains even throughout your work process. This means no more bumpy patches in your projects.

Because of the way electricity creates friction in the coils, continuous work on extremely high temperatures does wear them out faster, but for most people this is most likely not an issue.

The Delphi Ez Pro Kiln can be used for making jewelry, beads, enamelling smaller objects, and for melting down almost any material.

Even medium sized objects or small statues should be possible, as long as you’ve done some research on the how-to.

The kiln lends itself best to working with glass and metal clays, though ceramics are also popular as a project.


Included Accessory Pack and Instruction Manual + Video

The included kiln accessory pack contains a kiln stand, posts, a kiln shelf, and shelf wash; everything you need to help you get started on a first run with the Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln.

This is great for first time kiln buyers or beginners since it doesn’t require much extra work to get started.

In the same spirit, both the detailed instruction manual and the video available online are meant to guide first-time users of this kiln through their maiden voyage.

Pre-Set Programming

The pre-set programs for two types of glass and metal clay should make sure that failure is no longer an option.

These programs include their own time for pre-heating your oven, so your heating time will vary depending on your project.

delphi ez pro kiln review

Beginners may want to keep an eye on the process that goes into these pre-sets; it’ll make making your own programs easier if you know what the different steps entail.

Custom Programming

Once you’ve gotten the hang of using the pre-set programs, or if you’re already used to working with kilns, the custom programs can save you a lot of time.

If you know you’re going to be making a lot of a specific type of thing, be sure to save your favourite settings.

With this customizable option, you’re also able to adjust any timing or temperatures on any setting. This also gives you the option to skip some steps (like a firing segment) to move on to the next part of the program.

Firing Elements

The firing elements can be turned on and off depending on your current material, and ensure an even heating throughout the interior of the kiln.

You can thank this kiln using both top and side elements to keep your heat steady.

This also means quicker heating, and a longer element life for your new kiln.

delphi ez pro kiln review

Shut-Down Relays and Safety Pilot Lights

Any design that has you working with dangerous elements – like extreme heat – should give you the possibility to stop your work instantly.

Safety in any craft is important, and though accidents are rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Need help or advice? Just want to show off your new gizmo to friends and family?

Even if it’s just for a spring cleaning, being able to move your kiln is a nice bonus.

The wide handles make the Delphi Ez Pro easier to move around.

Lid Prop

Heat is important for kiln projects, but so is being able to cool your projects off properly.

With the lid prop it’s easier to take control of this process.

Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln Review

The Positives

Options, Options, Options

You certainly won’t be lacking for options with the Delphi Ez Pro 15-6, and that makes it an excellent one-time buy that should cover all your needs.

In combination with 16 pre-set programs and 22 custom programs, this means both beginner and advanced users should have plenty to try out.

Both 90 and 96 COE glass can be used, and both have 4 pre-set programs dedicated to them.

delphi ez pro kiln review


Great for Beginners

Thanks to several pre-installed programs, as well as the ability to add your own programs to the machine, it’s become easier for advanced users to smooth out their usual working methods and take some of the grind out of their work.

If you’re brand new to the craft and don’t want to hunt down the different tools you need, this kiln does an excellent job of ensuring you have everything right from the start.

Easy To Set-Up

When starting a new hobby or project, it’s a little discouraging if you don’t make it beyond set-up.

No huffing or regrets with the Delphi Ez Pro. Setting this kiln up is made to be super simple so you can spend more time crafting and less time wondering how to get the thing going.

All the accessories you need to get crafting with this kiln is included when you purchase it, and it even comes equipped with a pre-set firing program catered for beginners.

The manual for the Delphi Ez Pro Kiln will have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to setting up your kiln as well, including everything from removing the packaging to plugging it in.

Small and Easy to Move

Users love the ease that the Delphi Ez Pro brings to their workshops, and the size means it doesn’t take up too much valuable working space.

The size is small enough to fit in any room so you won’t have to compromise too much on working spaces, and the large handle makes it easily portable if you need a change of scenery.

delphi ez pro kiln review

Relatively Large Firing Chamber

Despite the small size of the overall kiln, the inside is still large enough to allow for most projects, save the very largest ones.

Every bit of internal space has been made available as a firing chamber and is specially designed to make sure the heat is distributed evenly and reliably.

Small to medium projects can easily be made with this home kiln.

Works in Older Houses

While this kiln is made to work everywhere, when you’re dealing with electrical components and wiring that connect to your home, you could be in for surprises.

Older homes sometimes make it harder to use newer technology but you don’t have to worry too much if you’re thinking about purchasing the Delphi Ez Pro Kiln.

We do recommend that you always check the kiln requirements but users have reported of the Delphi Pro being able to operate just fine in homes dating back to the 50s.

Though some minor complications may arise (like the inability to run you’re dishwasher while this is operational) it’s still one less hurdle to jump through when thinking about purchasing.


You can expect your Delphi Ez Pro Kiln to last for a while thanks to its durable design.

This kiln is made with hand selected brick with a stainless steel jacket so you know it’s built to last the years to come.

Just be sure to take a little extra care of the kiln brick by vacuuming the lid, the element grooves, and the bottom of the kiln to keep dust from building up. And try to avoid any bumps when loading or unloading to keep the brick from chipping.

The Negatives

Heating Coil Replacement

As you use your kiln, your heating coils are going to wear out at some point. Though the moment this happens depends on how high of a temperature you usually use, still, one day these need to be replaced.

Getting the old coils out can be a lengthy process, but getting the new ones in is easier.

However, this is still a hassle for such a small kiln.

Can’t Handle All Sizes

The Delphi Ez Pro has ample space for most projects, but there will be a day when you just want to make something huge.

And that’s where this kiln runs out of space.

Slight Learning Curve

Mostly an issue for beginners, figuring out how to work the features can be a stumbling block for most people.

Though the pre-set programs go to great lengths solving this issue, some things will be trial and error.

Overall Verdict

The Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln makes good on its aim to be a well-rounded home kiln.

While the abundance for glass settings showcases it as a glass firing kiln, it still gives you the opportunity to use a variety of other materials.

This kiln is recommended for beginning users who don’t mind not being able to tackle the really big projects yet, as well as for intermediate and advanced users who want a convenient, medium-sized kiln that allows for a lot of options.

Where To Buy The Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln

While the Delphi Ez Pro has grown in popularity, it can still be tricky to find when looking for this kiln in-store or online.

To start, you can check out the Delphi website (from $964).

But of course, it’s also available for purchase through Amazon.

delphi ez pro kiln review

That’s all for our review on the Delphi Ez Pro 15-6 Kiln. Have we tempted you enough to give it a try?


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