Tag Monster Pattern


Well it’s been a long time coming but I finally got around to putting the pattern and instructions together.

Here’s the free PDF pattern for the Tag Monster complete with instructions. I’m also putting together a little tutorial to help but more on that later. Let me know how you go with it – this is my first attempt at a pattern so there may be some bugs to iron out!

Download The Tag Monster Pattern (PDF)

Note: Please don’t leave this toy in the cot with your child, supervise their play with the Tag Monster.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I have been following yours forever, but always too chicken to leave a comment.

    Your little monster is so cute, I just love his little face.

  2. I found you on the sew, mama, sew blog, this tag monster is so adorable, and your pattern looks great – very professional-looking!

  3. why is your monster dead? X__X

    If you give it pink legs and sew ribbons on
    it’s legs it looks like it is wearing a tu-tu.
    I think that you could use a cheap hand glove
    and do the same thing then it would be a puppet
    just sew closed some of the fingers that you dont
    need. You can add legs in front of your wrist then
    the tags around your hand.

  4. Well he’s not quite meant to be dead! The little crosses for eyes are in place of buttons for eyes which are a bit of a choking hazard for little ones. I love your idea of a tu-tu version, nice.

  5. I SO love this little guy. Good effort!!!

  6. Hello! I just LOVE this project, and I’d really like to feature it on my blog! I run a blog all about plush monsters, and this will fit right in.

    Let me know if you’re ok with that, I’ll wait for your permission to proceed :)


  7. Oh I see! But my kids think he is cute.
    THanks for sharing him, I am looking
    forward to seeing what else you make!!!!
    Thanks a million!

  8. Wow thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Do you really think there’s a patent out there for sewing one form of material/fabric onto another? Surely not??

  9. wow this is great :) Just saw the monster at the sms-blog :) I have been thinking about a gift for the 3-year-old brother of a newborn baby boy for ages and THIS IS IT!

  10. My 16 month old grandson has taken a liking to any kind of tags also. Wonder what that’s about? So this pattern not only is adorable but fits the bill for Miles. I know he’ll absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing with us!.

  11. Too cute! I was just making a taggie toy today and was having so much fun, a monster has to be next!

  12. That is adorable! I will have to try that out for my son!

  13. Hello!
    I really like your how to and I was wondering if I could translate it in French and add it to my list of how to as explained in my french post (http://www.petitcitron.com/index.php/form_howto.html)
    Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
    Thank you,

    • Sure, I’d love to share it around some more, thanks for your interest Perrine!

      • I love this toy! I cant wait for more designs!

  14. buenisimo!!! muchas gracias

  15. I’ve seen the pictures of this little guy around a few of the blogs I frequent and decided to come by and check him out. It’s a brilliantly thought out toy! I’m definitely going to make one for my son and my niece when I get the opportunity. There is so much room for improvisation in the colors. Thanks so much for supplying the pattern. Your blog is wonderful.

  16. Hi darls ive put a link to this page on my blog i hope you dont mind. I made one for my soon to be new baby and just had to share it… i hope you dont mind and ill remove it straiight away if you do.

    cheers Skye

  17. this sock toy is brilliant i cant wait till you make more!!

  18. Hello

    I met you at the Sydney craft show and sat in on your little monster class and loved it!!!

    You gave us all a flyer that entitled us to download the pattern for the little monster.

    Could you please help…..because I can’t find it anywhere on your site and my daughter is dying to make one!!!


  19. Just wanted to let you know that I love this little guy! I made my own with a few adjustments but credited you and linked to you on my own blog! Thanks for putting this together! It will be up within the next few days.

    • Thanks Cynthia, so glad you enjoyed making him.

  20. I made this just tonight and it took me maybe 5 hours (it was touch and go with LO on nap-strike and having to do it after bedtime). Overall, really easy to use! I think I wish I would have heat sealed the ribbon (directions didn’t say much on it, but oh well!). Turned out perfectly!

  21. I think I am in LOVE. This is sooo going to be a fab holiday gift :)



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