Mr Ted’s really small softie gang are going to be finished this week. We’re moving apartments next week and I really must have it done by then. You see, I  have grand schemes for the boys room in our new place but I cannot begin more softies, cushions, decor and themes until I’ve finished Mr Ted’s gang.  Any kind of daydreaming, imagining, planning, drawing and sewing that is un-related to these little guys is strictly prohibited in this house. Ha! Easier said than done.


Pattern pieces have been drawn, re-drawn, cut and crafted. Mavin Moose has been the trouble maker of the lot. We’ve had several rounds of antlers, none of which seemed quite right, along with a few variations of ear shape.


Meanwhile Hong Kong has put on sparkling weather for me to gaze out of in the last couple of weeks of this apartment. Hong Kong Sewing Room View


He still needs a bit of a nose job but I think his cheekiness is just about right now. marvin_moose_softie_sewing

Deer Dot, on the other hand, has been an absolute joy to make.  Her little reindeer antlers sit perfectly and her tiny tail and spots were exactly what I was hoping for.

Deer Softie Sketches

I really do love this stage where they come to life in your very own hands, late at night while all the little people in the house are sleeping.


Sewing with a view of Hong Kong


Now the Mr Moose and Deer Dot are almost done I’m starting on the last member of the really small gang. She needs to be cute, a little naughty and lots of fun. I’ve been sketching little bunnies, but … meh… there are so many softie bunnies in the world already. Conisdered a piggie – but it doesn’t quite feel right with the gang I’ve got already. Thoughts of a hedgehog have been brewing and I’ve even had the pinking shears out for a little experimentation. I think I’ll call her Henny. Stay tuned.

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