The great thing about travel is it gives you a fresh perspective on the place that you live. Spending time in the US this month I saw the effect that place has on everything creative. The fabric designs in particular were so inspired by American culture, traditions and way of life – from the Native feathers and arrows through to the bowling and picnic inspired illustrations.

It also made me miss Hong Kong. I missed the crazy. I missed the bright lights, the bustle, the dim sum, the thunderstorms and the people.

Hong Kong Storm


It made me realise that there’s a whole look and feel to this place that is seeping into my creative bones. It’s taken a long time but, right now, the grass doesn’t seem greener on the other side. I love this crazy.

Grass is greener where you water it   Hong Kong Chinese

Sham Shui Po Leather

So I think it’s high time I share some of the crazy with you. Time that I water this grass of mine. This week I’ve been spending time in Sham Shui Po, aka craft heaven, compiling all my favourite shops, tricks and tips to sewing supply heaven. The leather, ribbon, silk, buttons and more.

I’m even thinking of having a little crafty get together here early next year. So, are you free next March?

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