We’ve been hiding in the limestone mountains of southern China, taking a break from the crazy wonderful of Hong Kong. There we explored caves, devoured dumplings and gulped in lungfulls of fresh air.

Mountains of Guilin China

On our last morning in Guilin the littlest and I played hide and seek photography in amongst the trees and art sculptures of Guangxi Zhuang. Squeals of delight, giggles and laughter were the order of the day and it occurred to me that the words “Not all those who wander are lost” sum us up to a tee.

Mr Fox Plushie

Fox Softie Hide and Seek

Toy Fox Sewing Pattern Plushie


So with that little break over I’m so excited to let you know that the Mr Fox Sewing Pattern is now available in the store! Yipppeeee! A big shout out to all the clever crafty ladies who helped test out Mr Fox, next post I’ll post pics of all their wonderful work.


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