In amongst the sewing, sweat and tears on this crafty journey of mine, there are moments that take my breath away. Seeing your balloons come to life in the #balloonalong sew along has been one of them. As a big thanks for all your hard work and support I’m giving away the whole Craft Schmaft sewing pattern and fabric panel collection to @rayadp for this amazing pic which brought tears to my eyes. What an absolute delight.


And just look at these incredbile balloons! I love them.


From top to bottom they are by… Jessica at One Red Cherry, Janelle Severson, Rebecca Wadge, Louises Little Corner, @AgSalmon  and Kate Sharman.   All the wonderful balloon sewers whose pics are above are receiving a Craft Schmaft pattern of their choice. Still a few patterns to give away so please email or tag your pics #balloonalong!

So… shall we have a Fox sew along next?

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