Up and away, today is the day… let’s make these balloons fly!


Sherbet Hot Air Balloons

If you’re making a single hot air balloon then all you need to do is hang it up – I find self adhesive hooks (like mug hooks) on the ceiling or under a shelf work really well. Just ensure that the hooks you choose can take the weight of your balloon.

Handmade Hot Air Balloon

For a mobile, this step is all about stringing your balloons and clouds together. In the Hot Air Balloon Mobile sewing pattern there’s full instructions for assembling everything onto dowel (as well as full step-by-step instructions and pattern pieces).


You could also use the inner of an embroidery hoop and tie all of your balloons and clouds to that. Whichever technique you choose the most important part here is to hang your balloons at different heights and to have the clouds hanging in amongst them.air_balloons_top_downWhen assembling, I usually tie my balloons up to a floor lamp – ikea ones work beautifully. I have been known to talk my husband into holding the mobile up while I adjust (although whether this was worth the return favour is debatable) and have even had small children hold balloons up for photographing (cute, but lasts for all of 10 seconds before they lose interest and dump balloons unceremoniously on the floor and return to their cars game). A shelf with a stack of books weighing your mobile down or a coat rack also work a treat.


One final trick for the finished product – if you sew a button or an empty bobbin into the bottom of the baskets it will help weigh them down. This will make your little basket ropes look taut. Just make sure it’s secure if your balloons are headed for babies or small children and for safety always hang the mobile out of reach.

hot_air_balloon_sewing_assemblyHot Air Balloon in Craft Room


So there we have it, the final step of our balloon along! How did you go? Next week I’m planning a sky parade blog post with all of your beautiful balloons AND there will be prizes so please do send me your pics or mark them with #balloonalong in any social media!

Happy Crafting,


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