Here we are at clouds, the last step before we assemble the whole balloon mobile. In case you missed it, we cut our clouds out by sticky taping the pattern pieces to felt and then cutting. Makes it so easy to cut into those corners. Now stitching around these clouds is just a simple running stitch.

If, like me, your stitching isn’t always even you can always pull a stitch out with this little trick. Pull the thread out of the needle, turn it around and insert the “eye” end underneath the stitch you want to take out. Pull upwards and like magic, your stitch comes out. One of the best things about felt is that you just scratch it up a little with the tip of your needle to cover the hole back up. If you want to make your clouds fluffier, scratching the felt all over with your needle will help with this, especially on a wool blend felt.

Embroidery stitches on felt clouds

The other thing you can do with the clouds is use a piece of ada cloth (cross stitch cloth) and embroider an initial on there. There’s a great free cross-stitch pattern for letters here. Embroidery your letter first, then tape the largest cloud pattern piece over the top of the letter and onto the ada cloth. Cut out the cloud from the ada cloth and then just stitch it your cross-stitched piece to a large felt cloud piece – either with running stitch or little white cross stitches as you can see below.


If you’re really handy with the embroidery you could even embroider a whole name on your felt clouds.


Carnivale hot air balloons and clouds

If you’re making a single balloon, rather than a whole mobile, you can  still add a little cloud.  Just tie a little knot in the perle thread that you’ll use to hang  your balloon – about 5cm or 2 inches above the balloon top. Next put the thread into a needle and pull the cloud on – the knot will stop it from falling down.

So there’s all my tips and tricks on clouds. How did yours go? On Wednesday we’ll be assembling our balloons onto the mobile and we’re done! So close now.


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