This weekend we’re going to be making little bunting flags and attaching trims to finish off the balloons. I love this part! Here’s a full video tutorial on how to make mini bunting for your hot air balloons…


You can create triangular flags, as shown in the video, or cut your fused fabric into semi circles to make cute scallop bunting.hot_air_balloon_bunting_bits

Hot Air Balloon Sewing

Once you’ve attached your bunting, the last step on the balloons is to trim the bottom. It’s not essential but it finishes them really nicely and hides a multitude of stitching sins at the base. Mini pom-poms are probably my favourite choice for trimming, closely followed by ric-rac and ribbon but you can use anything you like.

Hot Air Balloon Trims


Now your balloons are ready to fly! Tomorrow we’ll be making fluffy felt clouds and then it’s just a matter of assembling it all together.

Happy Crafting!

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