I have to confess, I find stitching these little baskets very therapeutic. Especially while sitting in front of some trashy TV show so I’m thinking this is the perfect balloon activity for you all mid-week.  There’s nothing too tricky about these baskets, it’s really just about taking your time.

Here’s a running stitch tutorial for the sides of the basket…

…then it’s just whipstitch to pull the sides together along with the base.

If you’re stitches start to get a little wonky there’s a very simple way to pull them out. Just turn your needle around and push the eye end underneath the stitch you want to remove – pull up and your perle thread will com straight out.

The other tip I have is to leave the tails of your thread on – they’re not essential but you can use these to help you assemble the basket onto the balloon later on.

Stitching little baskets for balloonsSo, how did you go? Was the video helpful?


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