It’s time to fill those balloons.  Here’s a video I did for the Balloon App on stuffing the tops which is a great tutorial for stuffing any kind of plushie or softie – the key here is to get your shape plump, smooth and firm (if only I was that way!!!). 

You’ll also find a full post on different types of stuffing here: The lowdown on toy stuffing.

Before you close your balloon you may need to cut your piece of felt down to size. It’s normal for the base of the balloon to be a little big… in fact I’ve designed the pattern this way. You see, it’s easy to trim your balloon base to size, but if it’s too small you’re stuck. And knowing that not everyone sticks to the seam allowance or keeps it even (ahem… yes, that’s me too!) I like to add a little extra base in to play with.

Lots of hot air balloon tops

So now that we’ve sewn balloon tops I’d love to see your pics and hear about how you’re finding the sew along! Email me and I’ll post them up here or put them up on the facebook page. Next up we’re making cute little baskets.


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