Welcome to the Balloon Along! I’m so excited to be making Hot Air Balloons with each of you. This sew along will run until the 2nd of April so your balloons can take flight before Easter – I even have a little Easter Bunny bonus up my sleeve for the end of the project. Just to get you all a little inspired, here’s what we’re making…

Before we begin, here’s an outline of what we’ll be covering:

  • Gathering Supplies
  • Cutting fabric and felt
  • Sewing balloon tops
  • Stuffing and closing balloons
  • Baskets
  • Clouds
  • Bunting
  • Assembly into a mobile

Please ask questions, make comments and send pics along the way! No question is too silly.


Cut out all of your pattern pieces first – if you need to buy an air balloon pattern you can download it instantly here.
Note: We’ve recently upgraded the PDF pattern to include a scale and better fit on A4/Letter paper. If you’ve previously bought the pattern email me claire{at}craftschmaft{dot}com and I’d be very happy to send this to you! 

Hot Air Balloon Sewing Pattern

Next up we’ll cut your balloon tops out of fabric. If you’ve got a schmaft printed fabric panel just cut around the dotted line. Otherwise pin your balloon top pattern pieces on the fold and snippety snip.

Now we’ll cut the felt for baskets and balloons. Little pieces can be a bit fiddly, the best tip I have is to use sticky tape (sello tape) to stick your pattern pieces onto the felt and then cut them out.Cutting felt with tape

This keeps your patten perfectly in place and, once cut, the pattern piece just slides right off leaving pristine felt behind.

Cutting clouds out of feltYou’ll still be able to use your pattern piece next time, it will just have a sticky tape sheen to it!Clouds for hot air balloons

Now that everything is cut out you should have the following pieces:

  • 24 x Balloon tops (6 per balloon)
  • 4 x Balloon bases
  • 4 x Basket tops
  • 4 x Basket bottoms
  • 6 x cloud pieces (2 per cloud)

How did you go? Don’t worry about the bunting, that will be made and cut later.


Tomorrow: We’re sewing balloon tops!
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