Tweaks, touch ups and tiny details have been finished on Mr Fox. Huzah! He is officially the first plushie I’ve sewn on an plane and he is so close to being released as a pattern…. but, as I like to do with all my patterns, I’d love to get your thoughts first.

Fox Pattern Cut OutSewing Mr Fox on a plane
Fox Pattern Sew

Would anyone be interested in testing Mr Fox? The pattern will be emailed to you on Friday 27th of February and you’ll have two weeks to finish him. All you need to do is sew him up and answer a few questions on how you found the pattern. And, as a thank you, any pattern in the Craft Schmaft store will be yours for the taking along with the published Mr Fox.

Fox Sewing Pattern Drafting

Please leave a comment if you’d like to be involved, I’m looking for 10 testers. You see I’ve discovered over the years that you lot really, truly, rock at sewing!
Fox plushie softie toy


Happy Crafting!


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