It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I’ve been building snowmen, planning ninjabread ornaments and get all excited about glitter covered everything.

Sock Snowman sewing
This little snowman is for a magazine article but the great news is that next week he’ll be published a free tutorial for all of you lovely blog readers too.Snowman sock crafting

Mr 6 years old came home from school and wanted to make his very own snowman. So we stuffed and stitched together, he drew a smiley mouth and buttons with a marker and then added his own little creative touch. Hipster glasses. You know I thought I’d be sad about the baby years being over… no more crafting blankets and cuddly things. I have to confess that having them actually get into the crafting is even more fun. That look of pride on their faces as they make something for themselves is every bit a beautiful as the joy of a bubba playing with your handmade toys.

Oscar sews a snowman



We’re literally making memories. Happy days at Craft Schmaft HQ. Tutorial up next week!

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