There will never be enough hours in the day to sew. Trust me, I started a whole business to be able to do just that and there is still never enough time. It’s my own fault for wanting to make EVERYTHING although I think pinterest has a lot to answer for here too!

A wise woman once told me, you don’t make time, you schedule time. While I find this works an absolute treat there is also another way. You can sneak in sewing time. Here’s how…

1. Keep your sewing box closer

Keep your friends close and your sewing box closer, I say. Once I’m on the couch of an evening, getting back up to dig out a needle and thread is a big effort. Keep a sewing box, bag of knitting or stash of embroidery tucked beside your sofa so you can just reach down and grab a project.

2. Cut it out

Only the tooth fairy and unicorns have time to complete a whole project from start to finish. I have to make in installments. A great tip is to cut out your pattern and fabric ahead of time. Even if you put it away for another week, having pieces cut and ready to sew feels like a huge head start. It’s kinda like having a Su Chef chop up all the veggies before you cook. Yes, I do like to kid myself.

Cut Patterns out ahead of time


3. Take it with you

Daily commute. Picking up kids. Waiting for an appointment. Have a drawstring bag with a project in it and take it everywhere. Makes waiting around a joy. It’s also a great way to find like-minded crafters, I’ve met many a crafty laydee who spotted me stitching at school pick-up.


Sadly it’s not yet acceptable in dull corporate meetings, even for creative directors like me.


4. Join a craft group

Back in Sydney I used to meet up with a craft group once a month. Sounds crazy but because this time was on the calendar it guaranteed sewing time – a blissful couple of hours chatting, stitching and getting inspired by all of their gorgeous projects.


5. Let them watch sport

My husband loves watching the cricket. I do not. Rather than spending our time in separate rooms of the house, he watches TV and I sew. This, scarily enough, made the single biggest difference to how much sewing I got done each week. Yup, let them watch sport.


What about you? Any tips on how to find extra sewing time?


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