While Mr Schmaft has been away, the fox and I have been out to play. Single mum by day and mad stitcherer (technical term) by night. RESPECT to all of you out there!


The first wool sample was promising, but the features needed a rework. Nose job, ear pinning… you know, the usual cosmetic stuff.

Fox softie in progress

Stitched, trimmed, re-stitched… unpicked, re-worked. I rekindled my love/hate relationship with the seam ripper – so useful and yet so incredibly infuriating all at the same time.

Fox sewing pattern in progress


The last sample was finished in the wee hours of Saturday night… Sunday morning my little one, all sleepy eyed and still in PJs,  discovered him on the couch. Frankie and the fox hit it off immediately. Those little moments when they fall in love what you’ve made are like a drug for me.

Frankie finds the fox softie

And so, with four-year-old approval to proceed, we march onto pattern writing… wooo hooo!

Fox plushie softie toy



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