New softie designs are under way – my very favourite thing to do in all this crafty business. Thank you so much for all your comments, Freddie Fox was a very popular young man across the blog, Instagram and facebook. His major competition was Marvin Moose, but this sly young thing got voted as the first of Mr Ted’s very small gang of softies to be made. The pattern was drafted and played with and then the hunt began for the perfect fabric.


Now finding the fabric you want, in a specific shade of colour, in Hong Kong can be a nightmare. Sure, there’s a million fabric outlets selling bargain fabric… perfect if you don’t mind a pink hula dancing polyester, not so great if you have something specific in mind. I’ve learned a few tricks to fabric shopping here but you just never know what you’ll be able to source.


So it was with utter delight that I happened upon this tiny little shop, in Western Market on Hong Kong Island, stuffed to the brim with wools and silks. After quite a bit of digging at the back of the shop I discovered a whole bolt of the most perfect Freddie Fox burnt orange you can imagine. I was so excited that my usual sharp bargaining skills were a little dull and I paid way too much… a note to self to curb the enthusiasm and squeals of joy. Yep… this man saw me coming! I also couldn’t resist a black linen, brown plaid and chocolate pinstripe for some of Freddie’s friends. Perfect Fox Wool Fabric

I’d already tested the pattern on some scrap fabric and made a few (OK… quite a few) adjustments. So I dived headfirst into cutting and stitching the face and ears.

Running stitch on the softie fox

sewing_ear_foxHere he is so far. Still in need of a nose job in my opinion, but showing promise. Once I get that nose right I’ll move onto the tail then stitch and stuff him. What do you think? The first Freddie Fox Softie

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