I believe there are two types of crafters in this world;
the elegantly neat and the beautiful mess types.

But I wonder, are most crafters naturally the neat type… with sewing rooms of carefully folded fabric and lovingly organised threads? Or are we more like to be the beautiful mess type… crafting up a storm amongst a treasure trove of supplies, creating with complete abandon?

It’s much like the folder or scruncher question. You know… whether you carefully fold or scrunch toilet paper? I’ll go first. I’m a scruncher. Until someone posed this question to me, on a particularly long train ride through Europe, it hadn’t even occurred to me that you would fold it. Really? Fold toilet paper? I digress.

I’m the beautiful mess type of crafter. You probably already guessed that from the last paragraph. Yup.

I know, I know I’ve posted beautiful pics of fabric filing, vintage boxes filled with ribbons and trims. You may have seen my Australian craft room beautifully styled.  I do tidy up, and I love it when everything is ordered… but it’s rare and as such must be photographed immediately.

“I’m a beautiful mess of contradiction,
A chaotic display of imperfection.”

― Sai Marie Johnson

The Schmaft Craft RoomThe Schmaft Craft Room – I can’t show you the Hong Kong room… it’s too messy!

I like to think that creativity requires a certain level of chaos. Surely getting lost in the flow of doing what you love is what makes amazing work? I hope so because I completely missed the neat gene.

I’ve been messy all my life. My mother tried to teach me from an early age to put things away. Fail.  Being the wonderful mum she is, she still loved me for all my creative disarray. My first grade teacher despaired of me, telling my mother that when there was no more room on my messy desk I simply moved to the floor and carried on. She hatched a plan to sit me next to Dimitra, an absolute neat freak of a princess, in the hopes it would rub off. Nope. But I did enjoy having someone to pack away for me while it lasted.

Fabric Filing organisation

I have improved since then. I’m now very good at creating organization systems but not at actually keeping them going. Fabric filing is a rare exception, that seemed to bring out the buried virgo in me.  Many areas of my life are completely sorted, like lunchboxes and meal plans, but anything involving creativity for work or play still tends towards a beautiful mess.  A very talented creative director once told me…

“Clean desk. Clean Mind.”

Needless to say I never let him see my desk. Oh I feel so dirty!

I confess that the night before craft meet ups and sewing weekends I clear out the jumble of ribbons, thread, patterns and notions from my sewing box to create the illusion of a neat crafter. Am I the only one who does this?

I’ve accepted that I’ll always be the beautiful mess type.  But I still wonder, are there more neat or messy crafters in the world? Am I alone?

Which type of crafter are you? Vote below and you’ll also get to see what the results are. Go on… please??!



PS: I also have messy backs on my cross-stitches. There I’ve said it.

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