This week we had our first big Typhoon (oh just your average hurricane or cyclone) since moving to Hong Kong. In terribly colonial style the T3 signal was “hoisted” cancelling all school for the day and was later upgraded to a T8. That’s an 8 out of 10 on the Typhoon scale. Howling winds, lashing rain, floods everywhere. No one goes anywhere in a T8. Which makes it absolutely perfect crafting conditions. Tucked away from the storm I… umm.. sewed up a storm.
Running stitch on felt baskets

Macaron Pastel Hot Air Balloons


Hot Air Balloon Crafting

Embroidery stitches on felt cloudsHot Air Balloon Bunting    Hot Air Balloon sewing buntingric rac and ribbon trim Hot Air Balloons ready to fly

Embroidery perle on dowel

And now they are ready to fly! I’m desperate to start stitching Freddie Fox and Marvin the Moose, who were clear winners in Mr Ted’s really small gang, but I’m afraid I’m forcing myself to finish this project first. So unlike me really. Sounds incredibly self-disciplined but, to tell you the truth, I have to go supply shopping in Sham Shui Po for softie fabric. And that, in a T8 typhoon, has simply been out of the question this week. Lucky balloons.

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