Summer is officially over. Little munchkins are back at school. And I am slipping quietly back into sewing. Oh there are so many projects I want to get going on, and so many ideas in my head but first… to finish a project that has been on the burner for quite some time.

Hot Air Balloons pink fabric

New Hot Air Balloon fabric panels. I made a balloon mobile in pretty pastels for a new baby girl a few months back (you can see them here). Since then I’ve been tweaking the linework and playing with different pops of colour. This week the sample print has arrived and they reminded me of macarons in all their pale deliciousness.

Sewing Hot Air Balloons

Sewing has begun and so far I love them – just the right amount of candy pink with the most perfect lemon sorbet and a touch of minty aqua. Having said that you know that I could change my mind in an instant and decide that it’s imperative to create an entirely new colourway, but for today I am thoroughly enjoying watching these beauties unfold.




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