I seem to have missed June. It simply disappeared. There was  a blur of humidity and thunderstorms that announced, in no uncertain terms, the arrival of summer here in Hong Kong. There were visits from family along with the arrival of gigantic mosquitoes and the most beautiful butterflies I’ve ever seen. The clutch got a few nights out on the town and we sailed on the fragrant harbour.


There was a secret craft project for a magazine that I can’t share with you yet. There was silk fabric shopping.


There was this view from my craft room.  There was no blogging. Nope. No blogging.


However, as of today the hiatus is over.

You see I’m heading to BlogHer in California this month. I’m excited beyond words. Pencil at the ready, I’m looking forward to a sea of inspiration that only a blogging conference can provide. Yes, I’m a little nervous about not knowing anyone, but I’m pumped for 3 days in San Jose and another 4 in San Francisco. Woot! With speakers like Ariana Huffington, 10th Anniversary celebration and wall to wall bloggers the only question that remains is… will you be there? 

You see dear blog readers, I have no idea if any of you are the Blogher type but if you are I would so love to meet you! Or perhaps you’ve been before and have advice on BlogHer do’s and don’ts… gawd… I don’t even know what the dress code is?




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