It’s been a little while in the making but here it is! I’ve used leather but you could use any heavier weight fabric, canvas or even pleather (what car advertisers call PVC these days… yes, my head is filled with useless facts… gah!).

I digress.

This sewing tutorial makes one  foldover clutch bag, lined, with a zip closure 12 x 12 inches.

Clutch Material List:

  • Outer fabric – leather, wool, décor weight fabric or canvas
  • Inner fabric- cotton or polyester lining
  • 12″ (30cm)  Zipper
  • Tassel or leather/perle thread for tassel.

Not suitable for: stretch. Imperial paisley fabric zipper

Foldover Clutch Directions:

  1. Cut
    Measure, mark and cut two rectangles each 12 x 13 inches (30 x 33cm) from your leather/outer fabric. Next, cut two rectangles 11 x 13 inches (28 x 33cm) from your lining fabric. Leather Clutch Cut 
  2. Lay out pieces
    Place one piece of outer fabric on your table facing right way up.  Place the zipper laid out along the top edge, facing down. Next place lining, right way down, on top of the zipper so you form a sandwich – all pieces aligned at the top edge.clutch_tutorial_layout2

  3. Secure
    Use quilting clips or regular bull dog clips to keep the leather, zip and lining in place on either end (don’t use pins on leather or suede, the pin marks won’t come out).leather_bulldog_clip 
  4.  Stitch
    Using a zipper foot, sew a straight seam right along the top side of the zip and leather. Sew Top Edge

  5. Fold 
    Fold leather and lining down so right sides are facing out. Fold and Repeat

  6. Repeat
    Now repeat by laying out Leather (right way up), zipper you’ve just sewn and then lining (right way down).  Make sure these are aligned at the top edge. Use clips to secure in place and sew straight along the top edge. Second clutch side

  7. Top Stitch
    Open out your piece, pull out both sides of lining and leather back from the zipper.  Top stitch both sides of the leather down.

    Clutch Tutorial Top Stitch Clutch Tutorial Top Stitch

  8. Open
    Now open your zipper to half way and  fold the fabric so that you have leather and lining right sides facing together with all the edges aligned. Clip together. Lay out leather clutch 
  9. Stitch
    Next sew right around the edge of your leather and lining, leaving  7″ or 20cm gap at the base of the lining. clutch_tutorial_stitch
  10. Clip corners
    Snip off the corners of the outer fabric and the lining.

  11. Turn
    Turn the bag out right way out by pulling the leather/outer fabric though the gap in the lining. turn_right_way_out
  12. Hand stitch
    Slip stitch along the base of the lining to close the gap, then tuck it into the bag and smooth out. Poke out the corners of the bag as far as you can (a pen with lid on or a chopstick can be useful for doing this!)Clutch bag lining

    Sewing clutch almost finished

  13. Tassel
    For the final touch add a tassel. You can make one easily with this great tutorial on The Red Thread, or buy one and loop it through the zipper.leather_clutch_tassel

Leather Clutch Sewing Tutorial

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