This little Easter Bunny Pouch is the easiest DIY gift bag you’ll ever do! It’s just a single white sock cut, a couple of stitches for eyes and a mouth simply tied with a ribbon or thread at the top. You can fill the pouch with mini easter eggs, a larger easter egg, a ball (for a sugar free treat) or you could stuff him and have a fluffe of bunnies on display. No need for expensive socks and those school packs of 5 pairs will get you 10 little pouches.  I’ll be making a set of these for my kids to give to their friends and thought you might like a little tutorial to make some too.

Material List:

  • 1 white sock – any size or length. Ankle socks are fine.
  • Black embroidery thread or buttons for eyes.
  • Pink embroidery thread for mouth
  • 1 piece of embroidery thread, ribbon or string approx. 15cm/6” long.


Bunny Pouch Instructions:

1. Cut your Sock

Take one white sock, cut the sock off just below the heel. We’ll be using the bottom section for the bunny head.
easter_bunny_pouch_cut_sock2  easter_bunny_pouch_cut_sock1


Now flatten the sock out so the toe seam is  facing up. You’ll see a big crease in the sock.  Mark the centre spot half way down the sock, draw two arc lines from the top of the sock (pencil, chalk or fabric marker) to this point as shown in the diagram above. You should end up with this:easter_bunny_sock_cut_out

2. Mark the bunny face

Next flip the sock over so that the toe seam is facing downwards. Then mark two spots for the eyes and a little cross for the mouth just below. Hint: Feel for the toe seam and mark your eyes along this line.
mark_bunny_eyes_mouth easter_bunny_pouch_mark_eyes



3. Stitch the eyes

Embroider the eyes with black floss in the spots you’ve marked. A few simple satin stitches will do the trick however you could also sew on buttons or grab that glue gun and stick on googly eyes.

Here’s a satin stitch video tutorial that I’ve uploaded to youtube.


4. Cross stitch his mouth

Embroider a single cross stitch (video tutorial here) for the mouth in the spot you’ve marked. easter_bunny_pouch_mouth


5. Fill him up

Fill your bunny from the top of his ears. You can use mini-eggs, a single easter egg or even a ball. bunny_ready_to_stuff easter_bunny_pouch_fill


6. Tie off

Gather the bunny together where the ears begin and wrap some thread, ribbon or string around the top a couple of time. Secure with a bow, move his ears around and fluff them up until you’re happy with the shape. easter_bunny_pouch_tie


You’re done!

Your bunny will take on a different shape according to what’s inside – mini eggs might be a little lumpy, an egg will give him an oval head and a ball or stuffing will make him oh so round and Japanese cute.

Easter Bunny Pouch with egg inside DIY  Easter Bunny Pouch with egg inside bunny_pouch_stuffed easter_bunny_frankie

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