noun, plural sew·jos, sew·joes.
Motivation, reason or inspiration to Sew or Stitch.

I love this term, I was reminded of it recently by the lovely Cat of Raspberry Rainbow.

Last week I lost my sewjo. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a pretty week. Normally one to love picking up any kind of craft, not even the prospect of a bit of cross stitch or making a pom pom could draw me out of it. Struggling with the tail end of Hong Kong flu I disappeared into a slump of questioning everything and anything in my life. I didn’t know it at the time but this quiet slip into depression was a side effect of the cough medication I’d been prescribed and it was a scary place to be. I still don’t quite feel like my old self but the very thing that I’d lost the motivation to do was what made all the difference.

My gorgeous, caring husband looked at the state of me and said… today once the kids are at school I want you to do the thing that always makes you happy. Turn on some tunes, really loudly (I’m known for my love of loud music and have blown more than one car speaker… that’s another story)… anyway… turn on some tunes and Sew. Just sew anything. OK?

So I did.leopard_fabricsI cried for most of the time – the kind of tears you shed when you’re pregnant and have no idea why you’re crying, you just are. But by the time I’d done two hours of sewing I felt like a new person. I really did. My sewjo was back. My smile was back. My eyes were ridiculously puffy. But a little ray of sunshine had come out. Perhaps it was the leopard print, and really how can you not smile when working with leopard print??




I have to say that this fascinates me – I’ve always known that for me crafting isn’t about making stuff, it’s making happy but having been lost there for a moment I’m going to explore it some more. I’ve started reading a book called Craft to Heal by Nancy Monson and I really want to learn more about this link between craftiness and wellbeing.


Have you ever used craft to heal? Does sewing, painting, baking lift your spirits?

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