Stitches & Craft Show 2013

Stitches & Craft Show 2013

My year of markets and shows has begun! I so enjoyed getting out there and meeting crafters all over Australia last year and I’ve got big plans to spread my wings further this year. First on the agenda is the Stitches and Craft show in Sydney 7-10 March (formerly the craft and sewing show). I’ll be there smiling on stand #53, I hope if you’re around you’ll come and say hello!

I get so much out of meeting people in person, it’s wonderful to see smiles on people’s faces as they catch their first glimpse of a balloon or pick up a cuddly sock dog. I also love tales of previous patterns they’ve tried out, suggestions for colours and designs. In fact my next product comes directly from market feedback at Finders Keepers. So many people wanted to make a single balloon for themselves or as a gift for a friend rather than a whole mobile. One gorgeous blog reader mentioned that she gave a mobile to a friend to symbolise to mark a new phase in her life. So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing a single balloon kit and fabric panel.

Hot Air Balloons

The all time favourite red stripe balloon out of the Circus mobile kit will be first, and I’m stitching away at my pinwheel fabric which was such a big hit on the little owl wings last year.


I’d love your feedback too, any other requests for single balloon colours? Or other patterns for that matter? I posed a question on facebook this week over whether I should make a flamingo or a little fox pattern next. It has to be said that the flamingo blew the fox out of the water so I’ll be playing with pink socks next week too.




  1. The hot air balloons look delightful. I could just see one in my daughter or my niece’s room, a lovely purple or pink would be nice, or even one that involves black and white!

  2. will we be able to buy the pinwheel fabric by the metre?

    • Hi Amy, I hadn’t planned on it but could certainly arrange it, how much would you like?

      • Hi Claire,
        Between 50cm and 1m of a few of them.

      • Have emailed you Amy, speak soon.

  3. I just purchased the carnival balloon kit of etsy and I am so excited to hang them in the nursery for my Newborn, due in August! Having very little experience sewing, it might end up being a project for the mother in law… Oops! Ha. I’m now looking to team it up with some wall decals of clouds and a smiling sun. How beautiful. Thankyou, your balloons were exactly what I was after!

    • Haha… love it Kylie. You’d be surprised how many customers I have that buy for their mother/aunt/sister to make. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, would love to see a photo of your beautiful nursery when you’re done! Happy Crafting. Claire

  4. I absolutely love the hot air gas balloons!! My newborn baby boys’ nursery theme is hot air gas balloons. How do I order a few these or the cot mobile from you? Many thanks!


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