Happy 5th Blogiversary to me! It’s been five years since I started Craft Schmaft. I know it’s a total cliche but… how time flies.

In August of 2007 I was bitten. Badly.

The craft bug snuck up on me when I was pregnant with my first son – I had this overwhelming urge to create the perfect nursery. I hadn’t sewn since school days but, let me tell you, once that nesting instinct kicked in there was no stopping me. My wonderful mum bought me this vintage singer sewing machine with money she’d found stuffed in my late grandmother’s dining table. The craftiness had begun.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

I began to hear the pitter patter of fingers typing on my way back from a shoot in Canada. I’d been working incredibly hard on an ad campaign and with 26 hours flying time on my hands I was contemplating what the hell I was going to do with my time when I was on maternity leave.

How would I not completely lose the plot going from my full on career to the world of tiny babies?

Just quietly, I’d never even changed a nappy. Not one in my entire life. Then it struck me. I would blog. I would indulge myself in craftiness and blog about the things that I was making as a sort of visual journal. Something to keep me busy, kinda related to my job as a digital creative director, with no pressure. No one but me was going to read it anyway.

I called it Craft Schmaft because I really didn’t think the crafty thing would last. I thought I’d make a few sheets for the cradle and call it a day.


Quilt cross stitch

How wrong I was. 

The journey this blog has taken me on has been incredible. Life changing actually isn’t an exaggeration and I’ve loved every minute. I’ve met so many talented people, seen so many inspiring things and had so much support from this community. Thank you. Yes you. Without you, dearest readers, I wouldn’t be sitting here making a lifelong dream of building a business from scratch come true. There are so many exciting things on the horizon for Craft Schmaft that I think I’ll be blogging for the next 5 years too.

So we’re going to celebrate, you and I. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a big blogiversary giveaway with 5 prizes. You can enter from anywhere in the world, I’ll ship to the north pole if necessary. Stay Tuned.

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