I have been fabric filing. It is a day Mr Schmaft thought he’d never see. Ten long years he’s waited for me to clear that filing cabinet out. Long ago he gave up trying to convince me that I did NOT need elbow x-rays, tax returns or photoshop manuals from the early 90’s. He’d given up all hope.

In the end fabric was the answer. Not only do I now have an easy to access, carefully folded stash, it gives me one more reason to believe that fabric does indeed make the world a better place.

Thanks to Sew Many Ways blog for the idea, you can find the Fabric filing Tutorial over here.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is almost as therapeutic as the act of buying fabric itself. Almost.

The only issue now is that the filing cabinet isn’t big enough to fit all of my fabric. I haven’t yet broken the news of that to Mr. I dare not bring him down from the high.

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