Christening cake debacle

I had such plans for the Christening cake. There was a perfect picture in my head of two tiers with white frosting and a beautiful string of bunting. Simple – easy to bake, no complicated icing, couple of hours the night before and done.I made the bunting at Sew It Together…


Sadly cake making didn’t go quite so smoothly.



After a full day at Sew It Together I was whisked off to dinner with the visiting family from Melbourne. Not to worry, I’d do it when I got home. After a few champagnes I was still very ready to make the cake. Unfortunately the Mr had thought it would be a great idea to make a big scrambled egg breakfast with the boys… no eggs. Nowhere open for eggs at midnight. No cake making.


Cue mad rush the next morning to purchase already baked cake. Do you think I could find a cake without “Happy Birthday” on it on a Sunday morning? No. So ended up buying a cheesecake. Cheesecake smaller than intended baked cake so bunting couldn’t be arranged as I’d planned. None of this mattered anyway as no one really looked at the cake. No candles kinda equals no big cake moment. Still. I was pretty happy with my bunting efforts. Sigh. What a debacle.

Note to self: do not attempt Sew It Together and son’s Christening on same weekend. Do not attempt to bake own Christening cake, order white cake and simply embellish. Do not consume excessive amounts of champagne when out with in-laws (but that’s another blog post).



  1. It still looked great and the bunting made it

  2. What a shame about the cake debacle. I actually left the eggs out of my daughter’s birthday cupcakes last year (not intentionally). They were like little rocks but amazingly the kiddies still ate them.

    I think the cake looks excellent with the bunting in any case!


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