It looks like we’re going to stay in our lovely rented house for a while – no sign of anything we want to buy and the thought of moving house again so soon fills me with dread. So I’ve decided that my boys need their rooms decorated. There’s a million other things I should be doing, like tax and the next load of washing, but room decorating is so much more fun, isn’t it? Starting with the big kid I’ve been thinking about a space room. His obsession with Buzz Lightyear continues so off I went in search of star and space fabric for a doona/duvet cover. I had planned to applique a rocket ship and maybe get some planets going in there too. Then I stumbled on what I have to say is the coolest boy fabric I’ve seen in a long time. Check out this superhero goodness!!!



It really is hard to find cool boy fabric so this is an absolute find. It’s by a German designer Susanne Firmenich. Not only do I love it but the big kid is even more obsessed with superheros than he is buzz. My morning kindy bag packing consists of water bottle, spare clothes. comfort toy and cape. You don’t even want to know about the tears if I forget the cape! So I can’t believe I didn’t think of a superhero bedroom before.

To go with the new bed I’m thinking of getting some hooks up on the wall to hold capes above his new super hero shoes (black trainers) and the new range of masks I’m making him. Another great find and all thanks to my new favourite fabric store, Spoonflower. Spoonflower lets you create designs and upload them to be printed onto fabric. You can create your own or buy other people’s designs and it’s all just printed on demand. Genius. It’s the democratisation of textile design. God I love the internet, but you already knew that.

Ok I’m babbling – here’s the mask fat quarter by Jenimp that you can buy ready to be whipped up into masks.


Have to go, the big kid is yelling at me to come play with him.




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