The 3 year old munchkin came home from Kindy a couple of weeks ago and said “mummy I need a super hero cape. Can you make one?” How could I deny a request like that? I took him to the fabric store, let him pick out anything he liked for the lining (he has a thing for pink at the moment) and started searching for super hero cape patterns. God I love the internet. This clever lady over at The Long Thread has a free tutorial which is fantastic. I have to confess that I cheated on the applique using an iron-on W for our surname but felt that in the midst of market and xmas mayhem this was excusable.


The best bit is that Oscar genuinely loves this cape. He wore it to his best friends superheros and fairies party and had a ball and now insists on wearing it to Kindy every day. This, people, is why I craft. I cherish every day that he still loves things I make because I know that one day I, and all things handmade, will  just be incredibly uncool. But for today… I’m his hero.

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