Please excuse me for a moment while I look after my little munchkins. I feel like I’m so flat out or collapsed on the couch at the moment that there just hasn’t time for blogging. Perhaps you could talk amongst yourselves?

After much crying and visits to doctors baby Franklin has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. He’s much better now but I’ve had to cut all dairy out of my diet which I have to say is quite challenging. I do have visions of post baby weight loss and hope to be swanning around in pre-baby clothes by xmas but aside from that it’s a right royal pain in the ar#$%@. It is, however, more worth it for a happy, healthy bubba.

So while I’m not crafting I’m very pleased to say that you have all been VERY busy crafting. It’s about time I shared some of the gorgeous owl creations that you’ve been making. I have stacks to share but I’ll start today with one from Heidi of Savvy design. It’s just gorgeous…

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