It’s been a big day of sewing on the balloon nursery front, hooray! The baby finally has a quilt to sleep under. I haven’t got pics of the finished item but I took some snaps along the way today to share.  A word of warning, professional quilters may find the following wonky stitching and amateur technique offensive, you may wish to look away now!

It started with an unpick and rework. I reduced the  amount of red in the quilt, I think it was starting to take over.

Lots of sewing onto an organic cotton wadding.

A little addition of ric rac which I love!

First attempt at felt basket. Not bad for a first attempt but it’s too big for the balloons so more experimenting tonight.

Balloons for the mobile starting to take shape.


And so with fingers nicely swollen from the oedema I think it’s time for me to eat some ice cream. Everyone keeps telling me I should enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy. This is proving difficult to do what with the waddling, constant peeing and sleeplessness but on the bright side there’s dessert. I believe when pregnant one must ALWAYS eat dessert!

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